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How a Frugal Parent Can Make a Cute Easter Basket

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I’m all about getting things for the best price. If you are patient you will find a deal on everything.  The Holidays are the one thing we can plan for each year. We don’t have to go broke filling a basket full of goodies!

Here are my 10 Tips to Make a Cute & Frugal Easter Basket


1.       Make a Budget for each child.

This may not seem important but it is. It is hard to resist the Easter only items at retail stores. Everything is so cute. To keep things fair for your kids and your budget set a spending amount per child. Keep it simple. Keep it in the budget.


2.       Reuse Easter Baskets.

I am surprised that some people buy new ones each year. As kids we always had the same basket. I never thought anything of it. We do the same thing with our kids now.

3.       Reuse Plastic Easter Eggs.

Same thing here. Sure they may only be a couple dollars. But why toss the old ones when you can just wash and reuse them.


4.       Do Not  Buy Non-essential items.

I save my store ads from the newspaper and put them in our paper shredder. I’m using what I already have and it still looks just as cute. If you don’t have a shredder you could use tissue paper as well. At Staples, they will shred up to 5 lbs. of paper for you for FREE! 

use shredded paper for easter basket


5.       Use Non-candy items.

Take advantage of the dollar stores and dollar areas in stores. Target has the One Spot. Michaels has their dollar bins and so does Tops! Sidewalk chalk, coloring books, bubbles, etc. all make great goodies.

6.       Pair Candy coupons with sales.

Now is the time when coupons are available for candy. Check online, in your newspaper inserts and the store flyers. Or scroll below for coupondotcom coupons!

7.       Use Smaller Baskets.

If you have a smaller basket you don’t need to fill it with non-essentials. If your budget is smaller you can make a basket look full.

8.       Buy Snack packs.

We buy the packs of Goldfish crackers and split it up among our kid’s baskets. This is cost effective and gives you an option other than candy. Fruit Snacks are another one we use.

9.       Shop After Easter Clearance.

I have my baskets all set this year from buying the marked down Easter items at Target. I got sidewalk chalk, bubbles and coloring pages for 70% off!

10.   Save your Halloween Candy, St. Patrick’s day etc.

Yep, this is the cheap side of me coming out. I took lots of the candy from the girls on Halloween. They were ages 1 and 3. And it’s ALL they wanted.  I may have went a bit overboard. My brothers make fun of me for it. I meant to use it for Christmas stockings but forgot. So now it’s going in their baskets! You can store chocolate in the freezer. Of course, you can still get your jelly beans and what not but a couple snickers bars, twix etc in the basket is just fine and cost ya nothing!

If you are looking for more ways to create a budget-friendly Easter Basket browse my Pinterest Board.

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10 thoughts on “How a Frugal Parent Can Make a Cute Easter Basket

  1. These are great tips for budget friendly Easter baskets. I am not sure how many will still have Halloween candy left over, but it is an interesting idea.

  2. Great tips! When my kids were little I often added small things to go with their Easter outfit… lacy socks, a tiny purse… things I had bought for them anyway, but waited to give to them on Easter morning in their baskets.

  3. I am out of the stage of having to do Easter baskets but am approaching fun time with grandkids. I love your ideas! I’m sharing this with my oldest daughter. She’s a budget lovin’ mama too!

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