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DIY Wood Log Essential Oils Holder & Diffuser

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Essential oils are something that just brings me joy when I use them. I don’t believe they are the only thing to cure certain things, but I sure do love the smell, the calming they bring after I rub a little lavender and lemon on my wrists and I love the Nighty Night oil for the kiddos.

I personally have tried just about every brand of essential oils. Some not so great and others quite amazing. As a frugal farm girl with a whole lot of practicality built in of where I spend my money, I keep going back to one company; Plant Therapy. They are the best quality oil for your budget in my opinion. ( Plus always free shipping)

I can’t justify spending $40 on a bottle of oil. In fact, I can’t justify spending a crazy amount for a brand on anything.

I just love decorating our farmhouse and wanted a pretty display for my oils and diffuser. Of course, this idea was inspired by other wood essential oil holders we saw by doing a quick search on Google and decided to make our own.

This is to just inspire your inner awesomeness. Take a look on Pinterest for other unique wood essential oil holders.
 Wood Log Essential Oils

The best part about this wood essential oils holder is it cost $0 to make! Be creative and use any unique piece of wood you have.



  • a piece of wood (Size depends on a number of oils you want it to hold)
  • chainsaw (depending on the size of your log)
  • angle grinder with a coarse sanding disk
  • drill with a 1″ spade bit
  • sandpaper
  • lacquer (if desired I left mine all natural)
  • Diffuser ( I got mine here for $15)


How to Make:

  1. Use saw to cut the piece of wood. Make one end a straight cut and one end an angled cut (approx 45 degrees)
  2. Use the angle grinder to sand out a flat spot in the center of the piece where your diffuser will sit. Also, drill a hole through the backside for the power cord to pass through.
  3. Use drill and spade bit to drill evenly spaced holes around the perimeter of the piece just deep enough to hold your bottles of oil.
  4. Finish the piece to your liking with sandpaper and coat with lacquer if a glossy look is desired
  5. Add your favorite Essential oils






 Wood Log Essential Oils


 Wood Log Essential Oils


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