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15 Inspiring Reasons Why Your Kids Should Raise Chickens

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Are your kids just starting to ask you for a pet?  Maybe they are just getting to the age where they want to be responsible for something cute and furry but you are shaking your head thinking- “Do I want to be responsible for something else?”

reasons why your kids should raise chickensWhen we first got chickens I was amazed at how easy going they are. The maintenance of looking after six chickens at the time was the same as maintaining one rabbit’s cage. Sure more to clean up but the frequency was about the same. Then I thought- why do we not see chickens as frequently as people have cats or dogs?

Chickens will actually GIVE us something to sustain ourselves.


I really encourage everyone if they can to  raise chickens. I understand chickens are a bit harder because of city and town laws. Yet I wish they were as common as cats or dogs.





Here are 15 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Raise Chickens

  1. They will provide you with delicious farm fresh eggs.
  2. When this chicken gets older you can make it into a delicious stew.
  3. Will teach your child responsibility of providing for an animal by feeding and watering.
  4. The deeper understanding of how our food system works.
  5. They will be able to identify every single chicken by name- even when they are all the same breed.
  6. Your chickens will squat down for the kids to pick them up- making them feel special.
  7. You can add cleaning the coop to their chore chart.
  8. Sharing in the fact that they are giving their chickens a much better life then factory farm birds.
  9. Your kids will have less bugs around. Think of chickens like a natural pesticide when you let them free range.
  10. Your kids will learn a lesson on self-sustainability.
  11. If you have a Rooster, your kids can watch baby chicks hatch- the circle of life – hands on.  Think Lion King up close and personal. This can be even harder hitting if you decide to free range your chickens. Yet life with chickens leads to death. Sometimes it happens for no apparent reason. Yet it is such an important realization about life and farm animals.
  12. Will learn an appreciation for raising their own food and the process from birth to death.
  13. They can learn about composting while using the chicken manure to enrich the pile.
  14. Kids can take chickens to 4-H.
  15. Kindness. If you start with chicks your children will learn the importance of being kind to the animal. They are fragile little beings and need to be handled with care. As the hens grow older your chickens can learn to eat out of the child’s hand when they call and follow and play with them each day.


I know I would have never given thought to my kids raising chickens. When my oldest daughter went to a sleepover at her grandma’s she came back home picked up a chicken kissing it saying how much she missed it. Call it what you want but kids love these birds.

So I hope that helps you in deciding if chickens would be good fit for your family and your kiddos.


Do you raise your own chickens? 




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4 thoughts on “15 Inspiring Reasons Why Your Kids Should Raise Chickens

  1. My county does not allow us to raise chickens. I hope this change soon so I can raise chickens in my backyard. Any suggestions who I talk to? I live in Mechanicsville, VA.

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