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5 DIY Ways to Get New Countertops for Cheap

Is it time to update your kitchen? If you do it in phases, you can save a lot of money. For example, your first project could be updating your kitchen countertops. This is a simple fix, and you can do it for cheap.

Trust me; it feels fantastic to sit down sip your coffee in a kitchen that is all paid for.

We recently updated our 1850s farmhouse kitchen. When you live in a house that old, you know there have been several updates. 

Below are five easy ways to DIY your current countertops or replace them cheaply. 

how to update your countertops DIY for cheap on a budget

Painted Countertops

Surprisingly, the previous owners lived here for 20 years and those before that for 50 years! The cabinets were custom-built and installed years ago. The good thing is, they are real quality wood—something you pay a pretty penny for nowadays.

Our new home was full of surprises – from freshly painted countertops to rooms filled with possibilities. It felt like a blank canvas, ready for us to make our mark!

I wasn’t a fan of the grey paint; the problem was it had been painted over a few times. If that wasn’t the case, I might have considered using a paint kit.

Check out the quick video I made about DIY countertops, or keep scrolling.

Not my favorite choice of color, BUT painted countertops will work. I recently painted the cabinets blue. 

You don’t have to choose a plain color for the countertops. They make paint that looks like granite. Our friend used this paint kit from Home Depot, and they loved it. They said it was very easy to apply and highly recommend it.

There are several different types of paint to choose from. 

Paint Kits are also available on Amazon here. 

how to update your counter tops DIY for cheap on a budget

Laminate Countertops

We choose to go with laminate countertops for our recent kitchen makeover. You will pay a lot less if you select the laminate countertops on the floor at stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s. We chose this style with a nice curved edge.

You can see our complete Farmhouse Kitchen makeover here.

kitchen farmhouse makeover

Beware, the curved edge will cost you more when you order these. However, if you can deal with the look of what is currently on the floor at your local home store, you will save close to a third of the cost of ordering. 

how to update your counter tops DIY for cheap on a budget


Butcher Block

We have always had a chunk of butcher block in our last two kitchens. They installed it in our previous home because the owner wanted to update the kitchen for less.

I love having the butcher block for the cutting and prepping area.

Plus, it just breaks up the look. If you want to start updating your countertops, you can choose one section to put in a butcher block. 

You can see the entire cost of redoing our kitchen ourselves here.

5 DIY Ways to Get New Countertops for Cheap

I’m not sure how others think butcher block is the cheapest. It was a little more costly for us because we needed a larger size. Of course, it can cost you less than ordering laminate/granite, but not as cheap as buying the laminate countertop off the floor.

The best thing about the butcher block countertop is when the top is getting dull, or you get marks on it, you can sand it down and recoat it. I use Extra Virgin Olive oil in between ours.

With an ever-growing selection of butcher block designs, Home Depot and Lowe’s are the perfect places to find a look that suits any style. From sleek modern aesthetics to classic farmhouse vibes, you’re sure to discover just what your kitchen needs!

5 DIY Ways to Get New Countertops for Cheap


Habitat for Humanity has retail stores called Restore. Score amazing deals at the Habitat for Humanity Restore and find one-of-a-kind items! Shop purposefully, save big bucks, and give back to your community – it’s a win-win.

I recommend following your local store’s Facebook page. Many of the stores post when they get new items to the page. Since it is a donation center, you never know what they will have.

We recently got an entire used Kitchen Cabinet set for one of our apartment rentals for $200.

For my locals, the one in Batavia is great; the ones in Rochester seem overpriced. Our Restore posts the deals Friday before they open on a Saturday morning.

You don’t know how long the items will last, at ours, they are only open one day a week and tend to sell the good items that day.

Check out our other DIY projects around the homestead here.

5 DIY Ways to Get New Countertops for Cheap

Concrete Countertops

Unleash your creativity – make a bold statement in the kitchen with concrete! You can choose from various colors and customize it by inserting glass, stones, or veining. Impress everyone who enters this luxe space with unique touches to fit all needs.

I’ve seen this many times on home improvement shows and always loved it. However, we have yet to try it, and I hope one day we will. 

I would say this project is a little more advanced or intense, but boy, will it last you. So here is an instructable on how to do your DIY concrete countertop. 

Making your dream countertop a reality doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You can explore many options, from painting over a laminate countertop to creating your own custom concrete one. So, don’t let budget concerns stop you from transforming the look and feel of your kitchen space.

Get creative with it, and have fun! With enough dedication, you can get top-notch results for less money. If you want to take on even bigger projects around your home, don’t forget to check out other DIY projects that you could be working on or dream about tackling in the future.

Embrace the challenge and roll up your sleeves to create the look for cost-effective satisfaction!

What idea are you thinking of to replace/update your current countertops? 

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