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7 Habits That Are Making You Feel Unworthy

Life. Why is it the older you get things start to click? I had a dream three days ago- panicking, shouting to everyone who was involved in it how when you turn 30, life is over.

“IT’S OVER! ” I kept yelling. I woke up and forgot all about the dream until I started my day with my bible study.

Guess what I read?

The age of 30 was when Jesus started sharing the good news. At the age of 30 is when people looked to others for wisdom.

Guess I needed to believe what I already knew 😉


Wisdom. Oh, how I love that word. Although I didn’t just turn 30, in fact, I’ll be 33 this year. 30 has taken on a whole new meaning for me.

 It’s difficult some days thinking about growing older, but the wisdom that comes each year makes me never want to go back.

I want to live a joy-filled life. I want the weeks I wake up and can feel my blessings radiating through my fingers and up through my face creating a constant smile- EVERY WEEK.

The reality is, our overflowing joyful days don’t last forever.



Can you imagine if the day you felt like everything was going right and everything is exactly how it should be and that was it? Every day was like that.


Do you think a month after having everything feel like it was just the way it should be you would be praising Jesus and thanking him for the life you have?

Hard times can pull us in closer deepen our relationship with God the Father, with our spouse, children, and more.



How Can We Stay Joyful Every Day?

How do you stay joyful and trusting when you are so broken?

He loves you.

I’m going through the bible study Seamless and recommend for anyone who wants to refresh the stories of the bible and see them as one complete story. It’s incredible.

Each time I have opened my bible this week I just keep taking a step back in astonishment. It is all tied together as one. Every little thing in it matters and has a purpose.

Just- like -you.

You my loved one have a purpose.

Before you go wondering what your purpose is, today you need to hear this.

He loves you.

This just hit me differently this week. Right after we bought our farmhouse I couldn’t shake the guilt.

“Why do I deserve this?”

“Why am I getting things I have always dreamed about when my friends are struggling?”

“Should I really be enjoying this?”

The answer is:

He Loves me.

Say that out loud right now.

He Loves me. 


That Time Someone Went Out of Their Way For You

It’s a perfect time to read about the crucifixion of Jesus to really drive home that fact he loves you. Each and every one of us. Sometimes when you grow up in the church you don’t think beyond it.

Like your parents. Many of us know our parents love us and that’s that.

But think about your parents those days it was raining and they had to drop you off at school.

Carrying everything you need in for you waiting out in the rain protecting you from all that is coming down in that moment.

Think of a situation you know someone who loved you went completely out of their way, comfort zone, or did everything they could for you, just because they love you.

It isn’t until we stop and enjoy a moment the words of they love me start soaking through our skin.

It helps when I think of the moments my husband does something I know he doesn’t want to do but he does it for me. He knows it will make my life a little bit easier or just makes me smile and he does it for me.

The only thing he hopes to get out of it after he does it- is my happiness.

He loves me.

You know what made Jesus stand out while he was here on earth?

He always had an engaged heart.

That is powerful.

How engaged is your heart?

“When we shift the way we love, we allow joy to fill every inch of our being. ” 

If you are struggling in your life with circumstances and feeling like you may not be loved, because you haven’t seen any blessings lately, pray.

Ask God to show you areas that need to be straightened up. The very reason he may not be blessing you could be the same reason you aren’t feeling a joy filled life.

7 Habits That Are Making You Feel Unworthy

  • Are you constantly comparing your life to others on social media?
  • Are you loving your life until you see someone else’s?
  • Are you constantly complaining at your workplace?
  • Are you being a light to others?
  • Are you being honest?
  • Are you searching for your own answers, instead of seeking God?
  • Is your attitude so negative it’s become a habit to look for the bad instead of the good?

Beacause your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you.- Psalm 63: 3

We’ve all been there. At one point or another, each and every one of us can answer yes to the questions above. We all struggle.  But we don’t have to stay there.

Your life is now. You deserve more. You are so loved.

Your answer is just sitting waiting for you.

Waiting for you to put down your phone, waiting for you to close your laptop, waiting for you to open your bible.



He loves you. 

Today I urge you to believe. Believe in the power the truth that will set you free. You are so loved.

Others Died that you might live. I traded their lives for yours because you are precious to me. You are honored, and I love you.  Isaiah 43:4-5


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.