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Meal Plans

For me, there is no more paging through my cookbooks, wondering what I should make. Meal Planning is something I have been doing for the past 14 years. Sometimes I would use a mix of my recipe books and online recipes to decide what to pick from my Pinterest board. Then I would get distracted in Pinterest.

My life has been simplified amazingly since I started using Real Plans.

Meal Planning is the Key to gaining control of your budget. To live on less but have so much more. The Real Plans cater to so many different food needs today.

I’m shocked at how delicious and simple my meal planning is now.

You don’t get meal plans they pick and that’s that. You get to customize them.


Customized Meal Plans
I’m all about being frugal but this is one of those things that is well worth my $6 a month.

First this is the most innovative user friendly meal planning service I have come across. You get recipes based on any  dietary restrictions or preferences and  add in how many days you want to cook for the week, when you shop and how many you are shopping for.  Instantly a meal plan is created. It was that ease that made me fall in love right away.

Want to cut to the chase? Get Started and learn more here. 

How Does It Work

In simple terms, Real Plans helps you create a highly customizable weekly meal plan by choosing from their database of nearly 2,000 recipes. You can choose from traditional, paleo, vegetarian or any other diet you’re living.

Based on your selections, Real Plans provides you with a detailed shopping list and cooking timetable along with the recipe instructions, all of which are always at your fingertips thanks to the free app that accompanies the service.

You can even set it to the lowest amount of money to spend. You don’t have to use meal plans that have expensive ingredients. When I know I need to cut back on carbs- my husband has Type 1 diabetes, I change my monthly meal plan to low carb. It helps so much in my searching online otherwise.

If you don’t want to pay for a monthly subscription- I created a meal planning binder you can download and fill out over and over here. 

Today the average American spends a mere 27 minutes a day on food preparation (another four minutes cleaning up); that’s less than half the time that we spent cooking and cleaning up when Julia arrived on our television screens. It’s also less than half the time it takes to watch a single episode of “Top Chef” or “Chopped” or “The Next Food Network Star.” – Michael Pollan, best-selling author and food activist

Each Week You:

  1. Open your Real Meals Plan App ( or on computer) and view your hand-picked meal plan.
  2. Review your shopping list, removing the ingredients you already have on hand.
  3. Print, email or use the mobile app for your shopping list.
  4. Shop quickly and efficiently! Just swipe items off your phone!
  5. Follow your weekly timeline to find out when to defrost, chop and reheat.
  6. Eat good food every day.
Meal Plans

Here’s How I Meal Plan Now Thanks to Real Plans

  • I’m spending just 10 minutes a week creating my meal plan and shopping list
  • I’m preparing seasonal ingredients from the farmer’s market
  • I’m deciding when I want to enjoy dinner leftovers, and how much
  • I’m easily altering my menu as I re-introduce or eliminate foods from my diet
  • I’m choosing low carb meals to cater to the needs of my husband who lives with Type 1 Diabetes
  • I’m trying new recipes instead of just pinning them
  • I swipe my ingredients right off my phone- no more forgetting my grocery list or unable to read my own writing

Meal Plans

This is how it looks when you use it on a desktop- which I love doing when my phone is overloaded with apps too.

During this busy season of life, I can not begin to tell you how awesome Real Plans is. I love it so much that I have dedicated a whole spot to it here on the blog to share with you. Healthy eating starts with meal planning. If you have no idea where to begin this is the plan for you. The recipes are so simple to use.

The more time a nation devotes to food preparation at home, the lower its rate of obesity. In fact, the amount of time spent cooking predicts obesity rates more reliably than female participation in the labor force or income. Other research supports the idea that cooking is a better predictor of a healthful diet than social class.

– – Michael Pollan

It’s the Little Things That Count

I love that while you are cooking, the recipe is laid out so you can only see one step at a time. Then when you are reading that step you can scroll up to see how much of the ingredient.
Plus it is a ton of fun to swipe your ingredient off your shopping list on your phone at the store! ( Have I mentioned that 😉
Customized Meal Plans
You also don’t need to shop at one store. You can organize the item list by store! 
I have my go-to recipes and as much as we are all on our phones it is super helpful to be able to add in my family recipes into the meal planner. That way I can mix things up with recipes that are near and dear to my heart.
If you have your own recipes on your computer- it’s as simple as copying and pasting!
The recipes will be saved to the Recipe Box and can be inserted into any future meal plan.
 If you are a bit unorganized, this is the plan for you.
There is no more scatterbrain of forgetting an item or trying to remember if I made this recipe before. You can rate every recipe too!

 Customized Meal Plans

Want to see a video of how it works?

This is a subscription service and the Frugal Farm Girl- so keep in mind I feel that all this app truly offers is worth the lowest price available at $6 a month. Seriously just $6 a month for Customized Meal Plans? With Christmas around the corner this is a perfect gift!

Go on and check it out here. 

Meal Plans

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