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Welcome! So Glad You Are Here

Welcome! So Glad You Are Here

Welcome to The Frugal Farm Girl. The name says it all. My husband and I like getting stuff cheap yet staying a little classy, and we are starting a hobby farm.

Sure we like to cook our food, but we’ll take the kids to McDonald’s for a bargain. Happy Meal every once in a while.

The biggest thing I want you to know is that you matter, and you can achieve your heart’s desire. This little blog we are doing will show you small steps to take towards your most significant victory.

Welcome! So Glad You Are Here

My husband and I have come together and found a way to pay off all our debt and enjoy life on just a construction worker’s salary. It took us two years to pay off our student loans while we were raising babies and a lot of strain on our relationship, but the result is beyond worth it.

I want to share everything we have learned and are still learning with you. We want to start a farm and provide our food but do it. We don’t intend to put anything on a credit card again. We don’t intend ever to take out car loans again.

As your frugal living expert, I’m here to share everything that has worked for us and new ways for us to continue to grow and live our best debt-free lives.

Welcome! So Glad You Are Here
This is Eric, my husband and our newest addition – Daisy.

We have been so blessed with our discipline with finances that we now have the opportunity to pay off our mortgage in less than ten years. 

It’s all possible if you choose it.

I’m ready to tell you that you will figure out what you need to live a joy-filled, purposeful life. You are not alone in this world. That is indeed an everyday battle. So get ready to be intentional in your choices—the life you choose to live.

Be reminded that we don’t know how much time we have here, but we can make the best of our days.

If you want to take back your life and get back to nature and allow the presence of God to change your life completely, then meet me here as often as you can. 

  • Let’s Grow our Food Together. 
  • Let’s Raise Our Food Together.
  • Let’s Get out and Stay out of Of Debt together
  • Let’s Make Healthy Meals for our Family 
  • Let’s Get Encouraged and Uplifted to Find Out Just What You Need Together

It’s time to stand and be proud of living a joy-filled simpler life.

 I have been praying for you. If you are here I doubt it’s a mistake. 

You Matter. You Make the Difference. You Are Right Where You Need to Be.

Welcome, my friend. 

welcome to the frugal farm girl
  So You Want to Dig Deeper? 

I’m a mother to two little girls, 3 and 5. I’m a wife. A daughter. A friend. A sister. A neighbor. A magnet for my 22 chickens. A sucker for the barn cats. A lover of old barns. A farm girl at heart.

I want what is best for my family and to align how I live my life with the truth. Homesteading and Jesus go hand in hand. It’s doing things that many people ask, “Why?”. The gratification your soul feels is hard to explain at times. Yet the reward is undeniably worth it all.

Less than a year ago, we moved out to the country and got an old 1850s farmhouse with a little piece of heaven for land. We currently own 11 acres. We want to grow our food because it’s a heck of a lot cheaper and healthier.

We want to raise our food because it’s been a desire of our hearts. We want to share what we have with others. So we are going to do it all debt free. I’m frugal at heart. After running two deal/coupon sites and sharing our spending freeze and $40 weekly meal plans, I know how to stretch a dollar.

Yet I know how boring eating the same thing can be. I know how exhausting couponing is to save money. Listen. I hear you. But there will be something here for you if you let your heart open. 

welcome to the frugal farm girl


Welcome! So Glad You Are Here

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