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How to Stop Paying a Crazy High Cable Bill

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Cutting the cable is scary. Most people want to, but don’t want to lose their favorite channel. What if you took a good hard look at your monthly cable bill.
That is exactly what 30+ people did at the bottom of this post. They all shared how much they are paying and their fears. Check out how we cut our cable with the cheapest alternative below.
The problem is they didn’t know how.

*Scroll down for the video.

Five+ years ago we cut our cable. We did it because we got so crazy into our debt payoff that we didn’t want ANYTHING we didn’t see as a need. Life with two toddlers was quite busy and any chance my husband and I had to watch TV we were too tired.

We eliminated cable. We used an antenna to get our local channels. The news in the morning was all I had time for, and PBS for the kids was about all they watched.

When your kids aren’t in school there is NO reason to pay for channels for them.

There may even be some shows your kids don’t get and haven’t heard of it and it won’t break them.

If you want to cut the cable in the cheapest way possible this is it.
Buy an HD Antenna. The best thing for you, we are giving one away to one of our amazing readers. ( Scroll down for the details)
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National data reported earlier this year projected – “the number of those cutting the cord will climb 32.8% this year to 33 million, higher than the 22% growth rate (27.1 million) that was originally projected in July of 2017.

This number represents the cumulative number of adults who have ever canceled a pay-TV service and have opted to continue without it.

( Source: Forbes and eMarketer)

If you are one of the statistics of cable cutters you need to check out ClearStream Antennas Direct. I found this brand in my favorite wholesale club-no, geez not Costco, BJs! You can also buy their items on Amazon here. 

The post my brother and I did about the Hulu deal and sharing how we use this antenna had the company reach out to me and I asked them if they would be interested in giving one away to my readers. They said yes.


When you are thinking about cutting back your cable bill, going the antenna route is the cheapest. You will pay a one time fee and that’s it.

I bought ours at BJs for $39.99. I’ve had this exact brand for a year and a half.

The best part about buying an HDTV antenna is you don’t need internet access. We talked about internet speed a little bit in our video( video is at bottom of post) but I’ll share it again with you here.

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I currently pay a very LOW price for the lowest speed internet. $26 is out total monthly bill. Yes, the INTERNET bill!

I can work on the computer blogging while the kids watch Netflix and my husband is on his phone and we have no issues. 

Once I got a better wireless router we stopped seeing the red circle on Netflix all the time.

The only time we run into an issue is when I am uploading a video, the process takes a little longer. For me, I look at the cost of the internet plan to the one or two videos I’m uploading a month as a win. 

It reminds me of when I was a teenager and my dad would download all his songs and movies overnight because of the internet speed, except ours still isn’t that bad!


It’s super easy to install.

You can place the antenna inside or outside. And you can hook multiple TVs up to one.

How to Stop Paying a Crazy High Cable Bill

The black box shown above you hooks up to the cable cord that goes directly to your TV.

The other end of the cable gets the antenna.

How to Stop Paying a Crazy High Cable Bill

We have our kitchen TV over by this window because it gets the most channels. You can flip it to the white side or black side. These antennas can also be painted to match your wall color.

Always move your antenna around first to find the best spot to receive channels. You can use the sticker it comes with to apply to a wall etc.

When you are shopping for HDTV antennas you want to look at the mile range. Think about your location. We live out in the country and went for the 35-mile range indoor antenna.

I ended up buying two antenna’s before my husband told me we could have hooked both cable cords up to one. Our living room TV antenna we have out the basement window.

Details on the HD Antenna we are giving away:

  • Best performance among flat HD antennas in the 35-mile range category
  • Sure Grip guarantees the easiest installation of any indoor antenna
  • Grips to any smooth surface such as walls and windows
  • Perfect for dorm rooms, RVs and over-the-road vehicles
  • Multi-directional element delivers range and reception in less than ideal locations with no aiming necessary
  • Black or white double-sided design
  • Paintable, so you can match your wall, furniture or accent color for a custom fit
  • Connect one end of a coaxial cable to the antenna and the other end to your TV
  • Scan for the available channels using your TV remote control
  • Watch all your favorite over-the-air TV shows, news, kids programs, sports and more on network and local television in full HD
  • Watch TV stations like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS and more with each network providing digital sub-channels for maximum content
  • To find the broadcast towers serving your area, go to and enter your zip code
  • Includes antenna, 12′ of high-performance coaxial cable, Sure Grip strip, assembly and installation instructions
  • Warranty: lifetime limited on parts

If you really want to just go all out and have this thing outside getting all the best channels possible you can purchase the

Antennas Direct ClearStream 4 Outdoor UHF HDTV Antenna
Here are the specs on this one 
  • Advanced 4-tapered loop design allows up to 98% of the available broadcast signals to each the incoming antenna cable for free over-the-air digital and HD programming
  • Receive short-range high UHF reception up to 65 miles away with no monthly cable or satellite fees
  • Lets you enjoy free local broadcasts, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and other local networks with their newly expanded programming for kids, news, sports and more
  • Crystal clear UHF HDTV short-range signals keep you in the know in the event of an emergency or bad weather
  • Sleek and compact design blends in with most home decorsMade of extra-durable, corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum for long-lasting use
  • Includes antenna (coaxial cable and mount not included)
  • Warranty: lifetime
How to Stop Paying a Crazy High Cable Bill


If you buy the indoor one, and hook it up and place it in a spot and you only get three channels, you need to move the antenna. It may seem silly, but even moving it a few inches makes a big difference. In our kitchen, this happened and I remember my dad telling me to move it.

Then one day I had enough of not getting all the basic channels and moved it to the top of the window instead of the bottom, low and behold we got over 40 channels. I get all the basic networks and we got a bunch of Canadian channels that are highly entertaining!


Even if you have to pay $40 for a year, you would pay $3.33 a month- That is cheaper than the Netflix price of $7.99 per month and that $7.99 price is only letting you stream one device at a time.

The beautiful thing about the antenna is you aren’t paying $3.33 a month, because your $40 payment is FOREVER! As long as this thing lasts and I’m guessing it’s gonna last a very long time.

Look at it as $40 out of the budget and that’s that. No monthly payment. You’re all set.

This is the cheapest alternative to cable.

Today Jan. 7th Through Jan 13th you have a chance to win one.

hdtv antenna eclispe

HOW TO WIN A  ClearStream Antennas Direct.

This HD antenna is simple to install and performs awesome.

Are you ready for your chance to win one?

For entry to win leave a comment below answering the following questions

How much do you currently pay for your cable?

What hesitations do you have about dropping cable altogether?

Winners will be randomly selected and contacted by email on Jan. 12, 2019 and the antenna will ship directly from the company. You have 48 hours to respond to the winner’s email or a new winner will be selected. 

Thank you to Clearstream Antennas Direct for giving away one of their HD TV antennas.  Winners have been picked and announced here.



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