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3 Hacks to Cut Back the Coffee Expense But Not the Habit

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Love coffee? Me too, I don’t like spending a fortune and I’m not giving it up. Try these tips to save on coffee and still enjoy it.


The other day in church our pastor said something along these lines, ” The only Christian addiction that is allowed is coffee!”

I love his sense of humor, and I loved this because I don’t want to feel any guilt about my love of coffee. Or addiction. Whichever you prefer.

I’ve worked at coffee shops since I was 16. Even just the other day I thought about looking for Starbucks manager positions again because I loved the vibe of serving coffee and getting to try all the new drinks. I, of course, didn’t like corporate America and it’s why I’ll continue to pursue my love of blogging and making an income instead of serving coffee.

Today I want to share with you some coffee hacks that will save you a little bit of cash.


Make GOOD Lattes at Home

if you love the smell and taste of holiday lattes at Starbucks but hate the $5 price try this.

Purchase the Starbucks Instant VIA coffee packs. I worked at Starbucks when this product launched and was able to taste test a bunch. They blow Folgers Instant coffee out of the water! Seriously they are a nice strong flavor. It would be hard to tell between instant and brewed.

Brewing your own Starbucks coffee at home is cheaper than instant, but the latte is much cheaper to make at home.

how to cut back the coffee expense

I bought a 5 pack of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Via Instant Latte from Target for $6.29.


All you need to do is add hot water to the packet in your mug. And it turns out beautiful.


3 Hacks to Cut Back the Coffee Expense But Not the Habit


What didn’t turn out beautiful is my photos!


Trust me the foam is wonderful and it works out to  $1.25 per cup! Even a tall size ( small ) at Starbucks for the holiday drinks starts at $4 and change!

That’s a BIG saving, my friend. 

I saw this Latte mix pack on Amazon and looks really good and in my cart!



how to cut back on coffee cost

Get  A GOOD Brewer


Ever since we got the Ninja Coffee Maker for Christmas my need of wanting a good tasting cup of coffee is gone. All the other 12 cup coffee makers we had in the past ended up breaking every year. So every year we bought the cheap $20 or $30 machine.

Ps. If you are reading this during Nov.4-No 23 2018 we are giving one of these away! Check it out here.

I’ve had the Ninja Coffee brewer for 3 years now and I love it. So much it’s number two of things I would grab in a fire.

Yep if I had a list of the “stuff” I would want to save it would be this.

  1. KitchenAid Stand Up Mixer ( see here)
  2. Ninja Coffee Brewer ( see here)


You can make a single cup, Iced coffee and a latte in this bad boy. It does everything and everything tastes good. We recently bought the cheap McCafe coffee because a huge can is only $7.74 at BJs! That’s cheap!

It’s not a bad coffee it is lighter but the Ninja made it tolerable. Our go-to is Starbucks Ground Coffee from BJs because you get 40 oz. or 2.5lbs for $17.99. Every couple weeks there is a $5 BJs coupon so you only pay $12.99!



howto save money on coffee


Use a Weekly Sale Finder Tool

Give your taste buds some variety.

It seems obvious to say buy coffee on sale. If you truly love coffee you may be heading to the store seeing the price of your favorite brands NOT on sale and not make a purchase. The next day you want coffee and realize you are still out so you go through your favorite drive-thru to pick up a cup.

This habit turns into a daily habit and you would have probably spent less money buying the full price coffee than buying one cup at a time.

When you buy coffee on sale each week you can save money but not getting your favorite brand full price.

There is an awesome list here that shares all the best coffee deals EVERY week. Save this one to your favorites or pin it because it updates weekly.


I hope that helps you enjoy your favorite warm cup of coffee or even a cold brew to save money without giving it up altogether.






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