how to decorate and color brown eggs for easter

How to Decorate a Brown Egg For Easter

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Learn how to decorate brown eggs for kids of all ages. Easy, no mess and fun!

We decided to glitter our chicken eggs this year. I wasn’t going to spend money on eggs for the girls to color.

The first year we started raising backyard chickens, I did the traditional egg dye way.

It did not look so good. Plus I hate how long it takes with little kids and the stains!

This way is fun, easy, and all ages will enjoy it.

TIP: If you are new here, I really like to keep things like they are. If you take a closer look you will see hair on the eggs. I didn’t think to take more than TWO pictures of the final product. Hair is everywhere in our house. If you have animals and live out on a farm, I know you get it.


Hard Boil Your Eggs. I have an entire post sharing how I boil my fresh brown eggs every time so they are easy to peel here.

Allow Eggs to Cool Completely.

I toss ours in the fridge for a few hours.


Fill an egg carton with the glitter of your choice. We used fine glitter and larger glitter.

I purchased our glitter at Walmart. The big container is $2.94 here.

Amazon has a decent deal on assorted glitter colors here.  

You can always use glitter in the kids slime too!

Leave one spot for the Elmer’s Glue.

Dip your egg into the liquid glue first.

Dip your egg into your choice of glitter.

Mix and match glitter to get a different look.

Don’t worry about glitter mixing.

The kids could do each end if they want. We chose to do one end overall.

Another great idea we’ve tried is using Paint Pens. Easy and you can color the egg in to get a nice darker look.

You can take it a step further and go with the Food Safe Pens. Use on your Easter eggs and use it for Christmas cookies too!


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