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7 Simple Ways Anyone Can Make Money on Facebook

Let me say it isn’t just stay at home moms who are looking to bring in extra cash, but all moms! Okay, Dads too. Alright alright, grandparents, aunts, uncles.

Yes, everyone is looking for ways to make extra money. Today in this article I am sharing with you 7 ways I make an extra income. Since I once was a stay at home mom, to a work out of home mom, to a now work at home mom, I know all moms can benefit from these programs. Make money on Facebook

If you are on Facebook you can easily share one of your links with your friends and they won’t be upset. Why? Every offer below gives your friend who signs up a bonus.

Friends don’t let friends pay full price. I hope you will give each of these a try below. Try for one a week or one every other week. That way you don’t overwhelm your Facebook friends.

But don’t just stop at Facebook, by all means, use all social media channels you are on, even your email list.

So let’s get to it. You have money to be made girl!

How you can make money on Social Media ( Like Facebook)

*You must have an account for each of the programs mentioned below. Click each one to sign up under my referral and you will get the bonuses mentioned. Win-Win! 

Ibotta– This is an app you can use to get cash back on items you are probably already buying. Seriously, how many of us are buying milk and cereal a week? Then when you share your referral link on social media- your friends who sign up with get a $10 Welcome bonus and you will get $5 for every person who signs up! Right now they are running a promo when you have a third friend join you get $15 for that friend!– This is a great way to earn free groceries or items around your house. This is a new site that features warehouse club prices without the membership fee. You receive $15 for every person that signs up under your referral and each person will get $15 to shop with.  How cool is it that groceries get delivered to your door?


Ebates– This is a way for you to start saving for a vacation, Christmas, Birthdays etc. You get cashback for any online shopping you do. I installed the Chrome bar so I don’t forget to go through their link. It’s super easy and then for every friend you refer you get $25! They will get a $10 welcome bonus! I will pay for Christmas and birthdays with this program.


BJ’s Members– If you are a BJ’s Member you can have your friends sign up under your referral link and you both will get a $25 BJ’s Gift card!


Schoola- For those who are online shoppers and love gently used clothes this site is for you. You get $10 and so does every friend you refer.


Hulu– If you love watching shows the next air day WITHOUT commercials Hulu is your streaming choice. For every friend, you refer you get a $10 Visa Gift Card! ( You can sign up through my link here and get 2 free weeks!)


Topcashback– Similar to Ebates but you can also earn cashback in store as well. You will get $10 for every new person you refer and your friends will get $5!


What’s the best way to get the word out?

FACEBOOK! I know many of my friends sell their direct sales items right through their own personal facebook page! Social media is an amazing free resource to use. You don’t need to own your own business, blog or anything to take advantage of these referral programs. You never know what friend of a friend will share your link and who will sign up.  Plus many of these referral programs give your friends a bonus to sign us as well.

I love these win-win situations.


Are you already using any of these? Which ones are you excited to share on your Facebook account today?

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Saturday 4th of March 2017

Great post. My family uses Ibotta and Ebates. With great success!

I noticed you don't have a resources page set up on your nav bar. It would be a great way for everyone to know your top picks for online activity. Kinda like I did here:

Thanks again for the great info!


Saturday 4th of March 2017

Hi Shauna! That is so funny you said that because I have been thinking about a resource page. Just checked out your site and love it! I found the free feminine stock photos post Wonderful! Pinned to keep going back! Thanks for stopping by!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.