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The Perfect Easy to Grow Full Sun Low Maintenance Perennials

Hey there, sun-drenched gardeners and plant lovers! Are you one of those folks who loves to gaze at a garden full of life, color, and the rejuvenating feel of nature but can’t seem to make the time to handle high-maintenance plants?

Don’t worry; I’ve got your back! When it comes to perennial gardening, sometimes we all need to take the path of least resistance. But here’s the kicker – low maintenance definitely doesn’t mean boring! In fact, some of the most vibrant and robust plants are the ‘set and forget’ types.

The term “full sun perennials” might sound a little daunting, conjuring images of plants that require daily serenades under a sunbeam. But hey, I’m here to debunk that myth and shine a little light on many gorgeously independent plants that are a cinch to grow and maintain with the right information at your fingertips.

Here’s my rundown of 15 easy-to-grow full-sun low-maintenance perennials that will not only survive but thrive in your garden. They will also enhance your home’s curb appeal and attract all sorts of beneficial wildlife. Ready to jazz up your garden with a splash of color and a dash of ease?

Let’s get growing!

The Basics of Long-Lasting Blooms: What are Perennials?

Think of perennials as your garden’s reliable buddies. Unlike annuals, which wave a brief but brilliant goodbye each year, perennials are in it for the long haul. They’re plants that stick around, coming back season after season from the same roots.

There’s no need to replant! They even get better with age, like a fine wine. But in this case, they’re delightful bursts of color.

Perennials range from delicate and diminutive to wild and unruly, but they all have one thing in common—they’re the workhorses of any garden. Now, imagine a crew of perennials that not only require minimal attention but thrive on neglect (well, almost). That’s what we’re aiming for here.

15 Full Sun Perennial Plants

We’ll stroll through a garden of ease, but each stop is packed with great flower power. These selections are ready for their close-ups and your low-maintenance love.

Full sun low mainentence perennials- daffodils

1. Daffodils (Narcissus spp.)

Who doesn’t love a cheerful bouquet of daffodils in the spring? These hardy, pest-resistant flowers are easy to grow and come in various colors and shapes.


Native to zones 3-8, daffodils thrive in cooler climates with well-drained soil. Plant them in the fall for a burst of color in the early spring.

Bloom Time

Daffodils are early bloomers, bringing bright yellow or white blooms to your garden as soon as winter starts fading away. And with their long-lasting flowers, you’ll have plenty of time to admire and appreciate them.

Extra Tip: Daffodils can be divided every 3-5 years to create more plants and keep them healthy. Plus, it’s a fun activity for the whole family!

Full sun low mainentence perennials- black eyed susans

2. Black-Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia fulgida)

Do you have a spot that gets constant sun and stays relatively dry? Black-eyed Susans are perfect in your flower beds!


These perennials are native to zones 3-9. So don’t be afraid to add them to your garden!

Bloom Time

Typically blooming in mid-late summer, Black-eyed Susans will create a cheery pop of yellow that lasts until fall. And the best part? They require little to no maintenance!

daylily full sun low maintenence perennials

3. Daylily (Hemerocallis spp.)

The Daylily is as tough as nails. Once established, it’s a breeze to maintain and blooms like clockwork, greeting each day with fresh flowers. It’s a plant that gives more than it takes, over and over.


Hemerocallis is native to zones 3-10, so it’s a versatile beauty that thrives in most areas. And with its wide range of colors and sizes, there’s a daylily for every garden.

Bloom Time

Depending on the variety, Daylilies can bloom from early summer to early fall. With their vibrant hues and easy-going nature, they’re sure to bring joy to any garden. Plus, they make great cut flowers for indoor arrangements!

Full sun low mainentence perennials- russian save

4. Russian Sage (Perovskia atriplicifolia)

Looking for a perennial that’s not only low-maintenance but also drought-tolerant? Meet Russian Sage.


Native to zones 5-9, Russian Sage is a hardy plant that thrives in hot and dry conditions. It’s perfect for adding a pop of color and texture to your garden without much effort.

Bloom Time

Russian Sage blooms from mid-summer to fall, attracting pollinators with its vibrant purple flowers. And even after the flowers fade, the silvery foliage still adds interest to your garden.

Full sun low mainentence perennials- conefowers

5. Coneflower (Echinacea spp.)

This silver-tongued devil is deer and rabbit resistant, with aromatic foliage and spires of tiny, violet-blue flowers. Give it space to spread, and Russian Sage will thank you with its stoic presence.


Native to zones 3-9, Coneflowers are a staple in any flower bed due to their reliability and low-maintenance nature. They attract birds, bees, and butterflies, so they’re sure to bring life to your space.

Bloom Time

Coneflowers bloom from mid-summer through fall, adding a burst of color to your garden during the hottest months of the year. And with their long-lasting flowers, you’ll be able to enjoy them for weeks on end.

Extra Tip: Deadheading (removing dead flowers) can prolong the blooming period of Coneflowers, so don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and give them a little TLC.

Full sun low mainentence perennials- blanket flowers

6. Blanket Flower (Gaillardia spp.)

The Blanket Flower is like bringing a slice of sunset into your garden. With flowers that resemble miniature sunflowers in hues of red and orange, it’s a joy to behold.

This plant’s been known to laugh in the face of drought with its superpower, an incredible drought-tolerant root system.


Native to zones 3-9, Blanket Flowers are an excellent choice for adding a pop of color to any garden. And with their ability to thrive in arid conditions, it’s a great option for those looking for low-maintenance plants.

Bloom Time

Blanket Flowers bloom from mid-summer to fall, bringing warmth and vibrancy to your garden during the hottest months. And with their bright and cheerful flowers, they’ll surely put a smile on your face every time you see them.

Extra Tip: Removing spent blooms can encourage continuous blooming and prevent self-seeding, which can be helpful for controlling the plant’s spread in smaller gardens. Plus, it gives you an excuse to spend more time in your garden – a win

Full sun low mainentence perennials- autum joy sedum

7. Autumn Joy Sedum (Sedum spectabile ‘Herbstfreude’)

Sedum is for those who believe in unkillable plants. Fairly indestructible, this guy offers thick, succulent-like leaves that change color beautifully throughout the seasons. Come late summer, his flat heads of tiny salmon-pink flowers are a bee buffet.


Native to zones 3-9, Autumn Joy Sedum has been known to thrive in even the most challenging of garden conditions. So if you’re a notorious plant killer, this one’s for you – no judgment here!

Bloom Time

While it may take some time for Autumn Joy Sedum to establish itself in your garden, once it does, it’ll reward you with stunning blooms from late summer to fall. And as an added bonus, the flowers turn a beautiful rust color as they age, adding even more interest to your garden.

Extra Tip: Autumn Joy Sedum is a great option for rock gardens or drought-resistant areas in your yard. Its low maintenance nature and ability to withstand harsh conditions make it a go-to choice for

Full sun low mainentence perennials- yarrow

8. Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

Yarrow is a plant with history. It’s said that Achilles himself dipped this plant’s leaves into a magical potion for his troops on the battlefield (maybe that’s why it’s also known as soldier’s woundwort).

With fern-like foliage and flat clusters of flowers in a range of pastel hues, Yarrow makes a fantastic companion for other plants and a reliable drought-tolerant feature for a border or rock garden.


Native to zones 3-9, Yarrow is a hardy perennial that can withstand harsh weather conditions. So even if you forget to water it for a few days (or weeks), it’ll still be standing strong.

Bloom Time

Yarrow blooms from early summer to fall, offering acontinuous display of color in your garden. Its flowers are also great for attracting butterflies and other beneficial insects, so you’ll be doing a favor for your garden ecosystem as well. It’s a win-win!

Extra Tip: Yarrow also has medicinal properties and has been used to treat various ailments throughout history. So not only will it add beauty to your garden and come in handy for first aid purposes (just make sure to do your research before using it medicinally!).

The Perfect Easy to Grow Full Sun Low Maintenance Perennials

9. Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

Lavender is the scent of summer. Its fragrant spikes and soft, silvery-green foliage make it a garden necessity. Plus, it’s practically immune to pests and diseases.


Native to zones 5-9, Lavender is a hardy perennial that thrives in hot and dry conditions. It’s also known for its ability to repel mosquitoes, making it a favorite for outdoor gatherings and picnics.

Bloom Time

Lavender blooms from late spring to early summer, filling your garden with its calming aroma. Its flowers can also be harvested for decorative purposes, culinary uses, and even skincare products. Is there anything this wonder plant can’t do?

Extra Tip: If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, just take a moment to sit in your lavender garden and breathe in its soothing scent. Pick a couple flowers off and rub them between your hands- instant relaxation!

Full sun low mainentence perennials- coreopsis- tickseed

10. Coreopsis (Coreopsis spp.)

Sunshine personified! Coreopsis is often called the tickseed, and despite its bright nature, it doesn’t demand much, except for well-drained soil. Its daisy-like flowers are a beacon for beneficial insects, and birds love the seeds.


Native to zones 4-9, Coreopsis is a resilient perennial that can handle hot and dry conditions. It also makes for a great cut flower, brightening up any bouquet or centerpiece.

Bloom Time

Coreopsis blooms from mid-summer to early fall, providing a burst of color in your garden during the later months of the season. Its low maintenance nature makes it a great option for beginner gardeners or those who just want a pop of color without all the fuss. Plus, its cheerful blooms are sure to put a smile on your face every time you see them.

Extra Tip: Coreopsis is also known as “pioneer plants” because they can grow in harsh conditions and help improve soil quality. So not only do you

low maintenance perennials

11. Salvia (Salvia nemorosa)

Not just for cooking, Salvia or sage, but ornamental salvia also features spiky flower stalks that go on for ages. It’s a perennial with a smoky charm, especially when bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds come a-drifting.


Salvia is hardy in zones 5-9, and with its vibrant purple, pink, or white flowers, it’s a must-have for any garden. It also makes a lovely addition to rock gardens or border plantings.

Bloom Time

Depending on the variety you choose, Salvia can bloom from early summer to late fall. The flowers are stunning both in the garden and as cut flowers, so feel free to bring some inside to brighten up your home. Plus, its herbal properties make it a practical yet beautiful addition to any garden.

Extra Tip: Salvia is known for its medicinal and culinary uses, making it a gorgeous plant and useful one. So go ahead, add some flavor to your dishes

Full sun low mainentence perennials- peonies

12. Peony (Paeonia spp.)

The elegant Lady Peony with her blowsy blooms is the royalty of perennials. She likes a bit more attention than some on this list, but once established, a peony will grace you with blooms for decades.


Peonies are hardy in zones 3-8, making them a popular choice for many gardens. They thrive in full sun and well-drained soil, so be sure to plant them in the right spot.

Bloom Time

Peonies typically bloom from late spring to early summer and come in a range of colors, including white, pink, red, and even coral. They also make beautiful cut flowers, so feel free to bring some inside to brighten up your home.

Extra Tip: To keep your peonies healthy and blooming, be sure to deadhead them after the blooms have faded. This will encourage new growth and help maintain a neat appearance in your garden.

And remember, patience is key with peonies, as they can take a few years to fully establish and produce their iconic blooms. But trust us, it’s worth the wait.

Full sun low mainentence perennials- hens and chicks

13. Hens and Chicks (Sempervivum spp.)

Hens and Chicks are succulents that laugh in the face of neglect. They’re perfect for rock gardens, gaps in stonework, or the edge of a sunny bed. These guys are so self-sufficient they could star in a gardening sitcom about misfit plants.


Hens and Chicks are hardy in zones 3-8, making them a versatile choice for many gardens. They can tolerate extreme temperature fluctuations and do well in both full sun and partial shade.

Bloom Time

While Hens and Chicks don’t necessarily bloom, they do produce “chicks” or small offsets that grow from the base of the main plant. These chicks can be easily separated and replanted to create more hens and chicks in your garden.

Extra Tip: Hens and Chicks are also great for container gardening, as they have shallow root systems and don’t require much water.

Their unique appearance adds a fun pop of texture to any arrangement. So let these low-maintenance plants take the spotlight in your garden. Your other plants might just be a little jealous.

Full sun low mainentence perennials- bee balm

14. Bee Balm (Monarda didyma)

Bee Balm attracts beneficial insects, from bees to butterflies. Its blooms in shades of red, pink, and white are out of this world. Tip: Give it good air circulation to keep mildew at bay.


Bee Balm is a hardy flower, able to withstand zones 4-9. It prefers full sun but can also handle partial shade.

Bloom Time

July through August is when Bee Balm flaunts its flowers, attracting all kinds of pollinators to your garden. And the best part? You can use the leaves in tea for a refreshing and calming beverage. So not only does it add beauty to your garden, but it also has a functional purpose.

Plus, who doesn’t love a plant that attracts bees and butterflies? They’re like the celebrities of the insect world, bringing color and life to any garden.

So go ahead and add some Bee Balm to your landscape – your pollinator friends will thank you for it.

Full sun low mainentence perennials- catmint

15. Catmint (Nepeta racemosa)

Not as flashy as its cousin Catnip, but Catmint isn’t just for kitties. It’s a great low border or edge plant that boasts a long season of lavender-blue flowers and feathery, aromatic foliage.


Catmint is a hardy plant that can thrive in zones 3-8. It prefers full sun but can also handle partial shade.

Bloom Time

From early summer to early fall, Catmint will be happy as a clam (or cat?) in your garden. And while it may not have the same effect on humans as it does on our feline friends, it still adds a lovely touch of color to any landscape.

Plus, you can’t beat the calming scent of its foliage – perfect for creating a peaceful and relaxing outdoor space. So add some Catmint to your garden, even if you don’t have a cat (but let’s be honest, who doesn’t love cats?).

16. Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirta)

Another one with a moniker straight out of a western, Black-eyed Susan is a tough, native plant with bright yellow, daisy-like flowers. It doesn’t demand much, except maybe some elbow room to spread.


Black-eyed Susan is also a hardy plant, thriving in zones 3-9. It loves full sun but can tolerate some light shade.

Bloom Time

This beautiful flower blooms from midsummer to early fall, making it a must-have for any garden looking to add color and texture. And with its low maintenance needs, Black-eyed Susan is the perfect plant for busy gardeners.

Just sit back and watch it thrive, while you sip on some lemonade and take in the gorgeous view. It’s like having your own personal assistant without the annoying paperwork.

low maintenance perennials- full sun shasta daisy

17. Shasta Daisy (Leucanthemum x superbum)

Gentle as the wind and determined as an ox, Shasta Daisy is dependable and delightful. Its white petals and golden eyes bring a freshness that’s hard to beat.


Shasta Daisy can thrive in zones 4-9, making it a versatile flower that can be grown in various climates. It prefers well-drained soil and full sun, but can tolerate some light shade.

Bloom Time

This charming flower blooms from early summer to fall, adding a touch of cheer to your garden throughout the growing season. And with its low maintenance needs, Shasta Daisy is the perfect plant for those who want to enjoy their garden without all the fuss.

Plus, its long-lasting blooms make it a great cut flower you can bring indoors and enjoy even when you’re not outside tending to your garden. It’s like having a little piece of sunshine in your home!

In Full Blooming Recap

Each perennial has its own personality, story, and unique way of gracing a garden. But what they all have in common is simplicity in care and a desire to blossom under the sun without breaking a sweat.

By nurturing these low-maintenance perennials, you’ll create a garden that’s not just beautiful but also thriving with wildlife, from industrious bees to majestic butterflies. And did I mention how satisfyingly low-stress it’ll be for you, the gardener?

Try these 17 darling plants, and you’ll soon find that your garden has become a haven without demanding hours. What’s not to love about that? Your low-fuss, full-sun garden adventure awaits – happy planting!

PS—Local climates and growing zones might affect the survival and care of these perennials, so always check for zone compatibility before you forge ahead. Remember, your garden is as unique as a thumbprint, and a little local love goes a long way. Happy gardening, friend

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