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My First Customer at the Farm Stand

It’s been oh two weeks that I have been putting eggs out at the farm stand at that road. I asked for opinions on the price of eggs and a lot of people said $3 or more for a dozen. I guess they forgot the FRUGAL farm girl part. I want a deal and really I am not starting a farm to make money I’m doing it as a desire of my heart. We just so happened to become crazy chicken people and well we have 22 laying hens!  I’ve been giving them out to everyone I can and then we got our first customer.

It’s been a hot summer. 90 degree type hot.  We just bought a sprinkler and had it hooked up under neath a younger apple tree. It’s also been a very dry summer and I was hoping the water would help the little guy stop dropping all his apples.

The girls are playing. I’m reading a magazine, the dog and chickens are out and a car slows down. I see my German Shepard lab Jake stand firm eye the car and I knew it. He was taking off. I yell. I’m a yeller. “JAKE, JAKE.” The car pulls up right in front of the stand.

My dog, my darn dog takes it upon himself to jump up to the window. Thank goodness no nails on it but says Hello. The guys window is down.

Now let me tell you. MANY people are scared of our dog. He makes himself pretty threatening to the point I even think oh look out. Although he is extremely gentle with my kids.

So I yell of course for Jake to get down. He does and he runs around the man’s SUV

What do I do?

I run behind him. Around the suv. Slightly ducking down thinking I am going to be able to grab his collar.

Jakes circling the car once, twice, three times.

I’m the girl following behind yelling.

Finally. I realize.

You look like an idiot.

I stop. Try to call Jake.

Jake Stops.

He looks at me and then he walks back over to the girls.

I follow behind to stick him on the leash turning my head back and telling the man I am so sorry.

The man stayed. He still got out of his car and checkout the stand.

We end up chatting for a minute only to have my oldest daughter yelling out MOMMY KENZIE IS PEEING.

I smile ignore her like I can’t hear her.

Not now. Not for my first and potentially LAST customer.

Riley yells again. Because she has learned from her Momma.

I smile and say “Ok I’m coming.”

And all is well. Life here on the farm is such.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.