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Our 2017 Farm Plans & Dreams

It’s been a whole year since we moved to our farmhouse! The to-do list is quite long. So we decided to narrow it down!! 🙂

I thought it would be fun to share and document what we would like to accomplish or work towards this year. The thing about living in Western New York is this to-do list will get done in a few short months!

So here we go, our 2017 Farm Plans & Dreams



I started this blog in October 2016. I would really like to focus on writing one new article each week and share with you the farm adventures. I have big goals to use my blogging money to pay off our mortgage in less than 10 years. We may use some to put in a fund for our new barn. I would like to continue to make a full-time income working part-time. ( Post coming with details on that)


Farm Plans


We will give our older hens a few weeks to see how they are performing as far as laying eggs. Most likely it will be their time to go middle of Spring.

Last year we bought 12 chickens just for meat purposes. We learned so much about that first time experience. ( Will be sharing soon). This year we want to do 35 meat chickens. We need to expand one of the chicken coops to be able to hold 12-18 birds at a time. We will do these birds in batches. We both agree we can’t add an extra dozen or more birds to free range with the 27 we currently have- they tend to visit our neighbor 🙂 I will be curious to the taste as last year we free-ranged our meat birds.




We need to finish pruning the raspberry canes. The raspberry patch was completely overgrown. I don’t think it has been touched in 20 years. Give you an idea- we are using the tractor to plow through and make paths.

Weed the asparagus as early as possible. Fight against the raspberry shoots that are in there.

I need to create a second garden to plant squash and other veggies the chickens won’t bother to mess with. Also use most of the veggies in that garden to feed the animals.

In the vegetable garden I will plant tomatoes again and sell on the road. Last year I had 30 plants. The most I have ever taken on but I had enough to can and make a bunch of tomato sauce and still sell on the road and give away.

I planted eggplant and artichoke for the first time last year and it did so well. Going to plant those again for sure. I try to plant one new thing each year. Last year I did two, so this year I’m good right?

I also start all my plants from seeds indoors. I do not have a greenhouse but I have a little atrium window and a hot tub in our enclosed porch that worked wonders last year.

We are going to create a sunflower patch towards the woods. Big and little ones. I want to sell the little ones in arrangements at the farm stand and the big ones use for seeds.

I need to start a strawberry patch. I have ZERO Success with strawberries. Anytime they start to grow the birds get them. Or I get one or two at a time. 🙁




We plan to tap a couple trees again this year. Just for the sake of doing it. We aren’t quite set up to really go all out yet. We did pick up a second wood burner we may end up using to boil down the sap.




I have no idea what this crazy winter will do to the fruit trees, but again these trees haven’t been touched in a very long time. We pruned last year and will need to prune again this year. We also need to fertilize and figure out what to use on our plum trees that have a disease.

  • Curious what trees we have? Cherry, Apples, Pear, Peach, Plum, Blueberry.

I hope to add three blueberry trees to our patch. They had a rough time transplanting last year from our previous house.

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They need work. Bad. We are not going to do anything as far as pruning them this year. I only made two jars of jelly last year I hope to make at least a dozen jars this year. The chickens and our dog loved them! As well as the bees.


Farm Plans


We need to make our indoor pet mini pig a pig pen- outside. We plan on making one with just pallets.




I plan to sell eggs consistently and tomatoes when in season. We need to get a better sign up for people to see before they get to the stand. Also, consider removing the sides so people can see the goods as they are driving by. We also need to get a better lock box because of the stealing we have had in the past. Or I just need to keep a better eye on it 🙂

 Farm Plans



We are in a renovation of the upstairs playroom. It’s a complete gut. I hope to paint my office. That’s it for major house work. We have already done a bunch of things to it since we moved it. I need time with my husband. 🙂



Farm Plans


This year I hope to get some incredible pictures of the Geese and their babies. We also are thinking of adding dye to it this year to help with algae growth.

We also need to create a new dock. My husband got 55-gallon drums he plans on using to make a floating dock.

Curious? We have a 1/2 acre pond with Koi fish, and a bunch of Blue Gills that the Blue Herons like to help clean up. Also, bull frogs. I haven’t seen frogs this big before. Will share pictures with you for sure!



We are planning on using our wood burner daily next winter. We discovered that our propane bill is too high for this frugal couple! We have a wood burner in our basement but we are keeping our eyes open for a deal on an insert for the fireplace in the living room. This way we will have better efficiency and it will give a nice visual too.  We will continue to chop wood and store it up for the winter!

Reflect on the Good

If we can complete all these things- wonderful if not- that’s okay. It is important to remember all the good things we are already experiencing in our life.  What’s a life to enjoy if we can’t reflect on where all the good comes from? We will continue to cut back the noise and live a joy filled life.


“For I Know the Plans I have for You Declares the Lord, Plans to Prosper you and not to harm you, Plans to Give You Hope and a Future. ” – Jeramiah 29:11


I think that completes the list. Phew going to be a busy Spring, Summer, and Fall! It’s one reason I love Winter. It’s a time for our souls to relax and plan and prepare for what lies ahead.


What are your farm plans this year? 





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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.