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Buy a Rabbit Hutch for Sale Online and Get Free Shipping!

You can get a rabbit hutch for sale on a ton of sites online but have you checked out the cost of getting it shipped to your house? Talk about expensive! Some of the shipping costs are almost as much as the price of the hutch. With the economy going on the way it’s been lately, who wants (or needs) to hand over money just for shipping and handling?

There are companies online that appreciate your business so much that if your order reaches a certain amount of spending, they’ll eat the cost of shipping the product to you. Now that’s what you can call smart business sense.

They want your business badly enough to want to get the product to you! Some things you can order online you don’t really think about the shipping because the item is small and it’s only a few bucks at the most and who doesn’t have a dollar or two to hand over for a wanted item?

But take a rabbit hutch for sale online and that’s a different story. First of all, the materials in the hutch can make them a little on the heavier than normal side. That’s not a problem if you happen to live right next door to the place selling the hutch.

rabbit hutch online and free shipping

You can just zip over in your car or truck and pick it up. It’s a problem when you order one online and then go to checkout and the shipping is so costly it makes you not want to buy the item. But you need it so you feel like you’re kind of over a barrel.

Perhaps you’ve always done business with the same gardening or pet shop online and you know them and they know you. But they’ll still charge you to get their product. Sometimes, there’s no loyalty or discounts when it comes to making a profit at any expense.

If that’s the case, forget loyalty to the company that won’t look out for you, you need to do a little shopping around. You can go to a company online that will pay to ship you the product and will even pay for shipping back to them if you don’t like the item!

Now you can find some companies that have a rabbit hutch for sale and they’ll offer you free shipping up to a certain amount. For example, you see a hutch that you’d like to buy. The hutch costs about $140. You see that they offer free shipping.

But when you read the fine print, you see that it reads, ‘up to x amount of dollars’ or ‘up to x amount of weight’ and of course, that x is usually for something costlier and heavier than what you bought. Go with a company that will give you free shipping and a great price. You and your pet bunny will both be happier.

Where to Get Cheaper Rabbit Hutches Online

If you aren’t part of your local Buy Nothing Project group join one of the Facebook groups and see if anyone is getting rid of a rabbit hutch.

If you are an Amazon Prime member be sure to look there for free shipping options for a rabbit hutch too.

We got ours on Wayfair and I ended up getting free shipping.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.