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The Best Cheap Shade Perennials

Are you ready to create a stunning shade perennial garden without breaking the bank? Shade Gardens are like cool, refreshing oases on scorching summer days. Plus, they’re low maintenance and require less water than sun-loving gardens.

Let’s dive in and transform your outdoor space!

The Best Cheap Shade Perennials

Prepare the Soil

Before planting your garden, let’s get the soil ready. First things first, clear out any pesky debris like rocks or fallen leaves in your shady spots. And those sneaky weeds? They have to go, my friend.

Once that’s taken care of, it’s time to boost your soil. Add some organic matter, like compost or leaf mold, to really jazz it up and improve its structure. You probably have a bunch of FREE fertilizers in your home right now that you can use.

cheap shade periennals

Make sure you start your garden in well-drained soil. You don’t want to create a full-shade garden and then find out it’s waterlogged in the spring. This happened to us a couple of times when we moved into our farmhouse. We were excited and ready to utilize all this space.

Now we know that even if we get heavy rains during the summer, it’s NOT a good planting spot.

You want to give your budget-friendly shade garden a solid foundation to thrive on.

The Best Cheap Shade Perennials

Choose the Right Plants for a Shade Garden

When it comes to creating thriving shade gardens, picking shade-tolerant plants is an absolute game-changer. Don’t break the bank, my friend! Look for wallet-friendly options that do their best in those low-light conditions.

I love getting my shade plants in early spring at plant sales. I find the best ones are held at our local Cooperative Extension. Typically gardeners in our area bring plants to sell.

This is a plus because they are native to our area, and they are cheaper than what you will pay at nurseries and big box stores.

Usually, only perennials are available, but check your local Pennysavers, newspapers, Facebook groups, etc., for any plant sales in your area from early spring to late spring. When doing a Google search, try Master Gardener sales in ___ city/town, etc.

Here are Some Top Shade Perennials

The Best Cheap Shade Perennials


Let’s talk about hostas, those leafy beauties that come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They are the multitaskers of the perennial plants bringing versatility and style to any corner. Trust me; they’ll make your garden the envy of all other plants!

One amazing thing about Hostas is that they practically care for themselves, and boy, they will grow fast in a shady garden! I divided this Hosta up ( the one above) in late spring, which was too late, but it was out of control! Next spring, I’ll really divide up these hostas.

In just a few years, you’ll have enough hosta plants to start your own hosta empire. And get this; you can divide the roots and plant them in new areas to spread the hosta love even further.

I planted this shade garden two years ago and haven’t touched it much now; you can see it needs attention!

cheap shade loving plants

These beauties come in various colors like white, cream, pink, pale blue, lavender, and even purple. Oh, and let’s not forget the few rebels with stunning red or yellow flowers.

From tiny ones less than an inch to those luxurious three-inch blooms, hostas know how to make an entrance.

Now, here’s the deal with the scent. Some offer a delicate whiff, barely noticeable. But some take the fragrance game to the next level – prepare for some captivating scents!

The Best Cheap Shade Perennials

Picture this: tubular ( or sometimes bell-shaped) flowers resembling lilies. Some go all out and flaunt themselves in extravagant double and full fashion. It’s like they’re saying, “Look at me!” And we can’t help but stare in awe.

What’s interesting is how these blossoms grow on stalks called racemes. These can stay short, keeping it low-key compared to the rest of the plant. On the other hand, some embrace the skyscraper trend and reach two or three times the height of the leaves. That’s some impressive growth!

I mean, we’re talking hosta spikes that extend over five feet tall. Just take a moment to imagine ‘Empress Wu’ standing tall as if she owns the garden. And then there are those cute ones that are mere inches tall – like the tiny superheroes of the hosta world.

Hostas, you never fail to surprise us with your amazing diversity and heights. Keep blooming because we can’t get enough of you!

The Best Cheap Shade Perennials


With their delicate fronds and intricate patterns, ferns add a touch of elegance to any shaded area.

Let’s talk about finding the perfect hangout spot for your ferns. First things first – make sure you match a shade-loving fern with a shady spot and a sun-loving fern with a sunlit location. Always check the variety before you purchase and bring it home.

Now, ferns generally love a good soak but appreciate well-drained, slightly acidic soil. So, aim for a moist but not soggy situation. And hey, when it comes to those perennial ferns, remember to bid farewell to any dead or damaged fronds when spring rolls around.

The Best Cheap Shade Perennials


This plant is a real showstopper. Sure, the foliage is interesting, but the tall, beautiful flowers steal the spotlight. And guess what? They love hanging out in a nice, soggy corner of your yard. Talk about low maintenance!

So if you’re looking for a shade perennial that’s as stunning as it is easygoing, look no further than Astilbe. It’s like finding the perfect companion for your yard.

The Best Cheap Shade Perennials

This plant is a bit of a diva. It spreads like crazy through rhizomes, so you’ll have to unleash your inner gardener every few years and dig it up. I’ve seen gardens where we excavate massive clumps of astilbe and split them into a squad of over a dozen plants.

But hey, if you want to keep them contained, you can always keep them in pots. It’s like giving Astilbe its own VIP section.

The Best Cheap Shade Perennials

Coral Bells:

Coral bells, my green-thumbed friend!

These beauties can handle any lighting situation. They’re like the ultimate shade plants, thriving with 4-6 hours of sunlight.

coral bells cheap shade perennials

More sunlight makes the flowers and colors bloom the best. These will be going into my front shade garden.

The Best Cheap Shade Perennials

They are a pretty low-maintenance perennial. Just plop them in and watch the magic happen. Coral Bells boast colorful foliage and dainty flowers, making them a great addition to any shade garden.

The Best Cheap Shade Perennials


These are one of my favorites! I love these colorful perennials. They are last on my list because they can get a little pricey, but I’ve found smaller ones on clearance at the end of the year, and now they have grown into beautiful plants.

The Best Cheap Shade Perennials

This one my husband found on the curb last year! I didn’t want to prune it until it had grown for at least a year. If you want to go with a Hydrangea, be sure to grab one of the varieties that prefer the shade, like Annabelle, Invincibelle, and Incrediball.

The Best Cheap Shade Perennials

These beauties thrive in shady spots and are all about that moisture and avoiding the scorching afternoon sun to showcase their best blooms. Trust me; they’ll add that touch of magic to your garden!

Hydrangeas are just like us; they appreciate a little morning sun to start their day. It’s like a cup of coffee for these blooming beauties!

The Best Cheap Shade Perennials

Design Your Landscape

Let’s talk about designing your shade garden. Picture this: a masterpiece of plant layering with varying heights, textures, and colors, all working together to create an eye-catching visual delight. Imagine taller plants like ferns or larger hostas standing tall at the back, commanding attention.

The Best Cheap Shade Perennials

Now, in the middle and front areas, imagine charming smaller plants like coral bells or astilbes are a great filler plant to the gaps with their vibrant presence.

Don’t forget the ground cover; these little gems, like creeping thyme or sweet woodruff, lovingly combine and create a lush, carpet-like effect—a true work of art.

The Best Cheap Shade Perennials

Use Budget-Friendly Garden Decor

Get creative and repurpose some old items from around your home! How about turning that dusty wooden ladder into a charming plant stand? Or transform that forgotten birdbath into a unique planter?

You can also grab solar lights for $1.25 from a dollar tree which always adds a nice little ambiance at night. We grabbed rocks from our woods to use all around the garden borders.

And if you’re feeling crafty, why not try making some DIY stepping stones using concrete and adding decorative elements like glass beads or shells? Let your garden reflect your style and personality most affordably and delightfully as possible!

The Best Cheap Shade Perennials

Utilize Affordable Tools and Products

To maintain your shade garden without breaking the bank, look for budget-friendly tools and products, such as discounted or second-hand gardening tools, and shop for plants during end-of-season sales.

The best place to find tools is your local Buy Nothing Group, Yard sales, and Habitat for Humanity Restores.

These practical tips make creating a beautiful shade garden on a budget possible. You can transform a shaded area into a stunning, budget-friendly oasis by preparing the soil, choosing the right plants, designing an eye-catching landscape, and incorporating affordable garden decor and tools.

Now it’s time to put these tips into action and start your own beautiful shade garden! Happy gardening!

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