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5 Reasons You Need to Sign up for a Prime Membership

This Christmas my kids and I discovered Amazon Freetime Unlimited. My Prime Membership has been taken to a whole new level. I recommend this amazing service to every family out there. Here’s why a prime membership benefits frugal folks. 


It’s the start of a new year and many people are paying membership fees. Whether it’s for the gym, a warehouse club or one of my favorites, Amazon Prime.  I’ve been a prime member for FOUR years now and I will continue to renew every year.

I’m a frugal person, I hate spending more then I need to for anything. I also love shopping for a deal. Prime membership gives me all of those desires and won’t break my budget. That is as long as I stick to a budget.


Let’s take a look at all the benefits a Prime Membership gives frugal folks like you and I. Okay or just every one of us.

Last year around the end of January Prime Memberships was down to just $73! I would keep an eye out for that. You can sign up for the free 30-day trial and then if we see a discount on the membership you can sign up then.


Free 30-Day Trial Membership

You can try it before you buy it. This is a must if you are even thinking about trying it because why pay the $99/year fee when you can try it free for 30 days.

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial5 Reasons You Need to Sign up for a Prime Membership

Here’s a quick look at the benefits of Amazon Prime:

  • FREE Two-Day Shipping on millions of items
  • Amazon Family( Formerly Amazon Mom)- You can receive special offers including 20% off diapers5 Reasons You Need to Sign up for a Prime Membership subscription.
  • Unlimited, ad-free access to over a million songs
  • Unlimited Instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows with Prime Video
  • Free unlimited photo storage in Amazon Cloud Drive
  • Read free books each month through Kindle First and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library
  • Membership will auto-renew. You can cancel at any time.

Amazon Freetime Unlimited

I am kicking myself for not getting the kids tablets sooner. This Christmas our just about 7-year-old and almost 5- year-old received the Amazon Fire Tablets. After the first day with these lifesavers, I literally shouted: ” Where have you been all my life?” As a work at home mom this will be a huge help in the summer time to get a few hours of work done in the morning.

Let me just say, technology is our future. Kids learning on tablets is the way things are going. I used to feel so bad about having my kids on tablets but really ALL generations have had some advances in technology. Even in the 80s, we had little computers and what not as kids.

Remember these things?

I don’t think people should be judging parents when they see toddlers with a phone or tablet in the grocery store. These things are educational and practical. Who wants to bring 50 different toys shoved in their purse when all you need is just one slim smartphone or tablet?

Sign up for a 30-day free trial to Amazon Freetime Unlimited 


So back to WHY the Fire Tablets drive my membership purchase. Amazon Freetime unlimited is outstanding. We got a free year with our purchase ( you still can too) and then signed up for another bonus to score another year. That’s two years free. Plus the tablets come with a 2-year worry free guarantee. They will even replace the charger.

What does Amazon Freetime Unlimited include?

It is an all-in-one subscription for kids that offers unlimited access to thousands of kid-friendly books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, and games.

A world of content for kids to explore within a completely kid-friendly environment• Promote reading and math with educational apps and thousands of books
• Best-in-class parental controls – choose what content each child sees, and set educational goals and time limits
• Personalize each kid’s experience with profiles, and let them watch where they want to – on Fire Tablets, Kindle eReaders, Fire TV, or Android phones and tablets
• Great for kids between 3 and 12 years old

FreeTime Unlimited offers unlimited access to over 13,000 kid-friendly books, educational apps, games, movies, and TV shows from top brands like Disney, Nickelodeon, PBS, Amazon Originals for Kids, and more.

Guess what all we had to do was type in our kiddos birthdays and they have all age appropriate games, books, videos etc. This was huge because our four-year-old didn’t need any help with any of the items. She was totally dependent. That makes a momma who wants a nice hot sip of her coffee happy.

You can also set time limits on these tablets. This I will warn you is a must.  Our kids became completely absorbed in these tablets the first few days. They didn’t want to listen to us. Well now they don’t have to. Set a time limit.

Here are the prices after you get your free trials. See the benefit again of a Prime Member? I will gladly pay that monthly fee for this, it’s amazing.

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited subscription pricing starting at $2.99 per month



2-Day Free Shipping

Everyone pretty much knows about this by now. If you have family that lives out of state this is a money saver for holidays, birthdays etc. All of my family lives out of state and shipping costs for sending presents was high. Not to mention the time it takes going from store to store looking for an item. Now I can send them the gifts I want in less time and with free shipping. A few times this year I even opted for the $3.99 one day shipping to make sure it got there before Christmas.

Plus Amazon offers you an extra $1 or $1 savings if you end up NOT choosing the 2 day free shipping as a Prime member. So if you aren’t in a hurry you can save money. Win-win.


Amazon Music

I once was a Pandora fan but now I’m all Amazon. I love listening to music and these days we all are streaming it from somewhere. This is a free benefit as a Prime Member. You can give this a try with the 30 day free trial here.



Amazon Pantry

This is a huge benefit for us. Again my family lives out of state and I love sending my grandma care packages. I am able to send her personal care, household and grocery items with Prime Pantry. My favorite part of it is there are coupons to use on food items making it the same price as the grocery store and it’s a flat rate of $5.99 for shipping. The boxes are HUGE! I did a review on using this service you can read about here.


Amazon Video

Long gone are the days we have to wait for a certain time and day to watch a show. So many people are ditching cable and it was one thing we did on our journey to a debt free life. If you are thinking about cutting the cable you could start by checking out Amazon video. Plus Amazon is now offering packages to pick certain stations you want access to. You can even sign up for a free HBO Free Trial5 Reasons You Need to Sign up for a Prime Membership.

Sign up for a Free Amazon Video Trial


Amazon Warehouse

Do you love outlet malls or clearance aisles? Amazon warehouse is a spot where you can purchase open-box and used products for a discount.  You can also trade your items as well.



In conclusion, these are my top favorite things I’m loving about my Amazon Prime Membership right now.  If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.

Do you have a membership? What are your favorite perks?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.