how to save more at thrift stores

5 Things You Must Do to Save More at Thrift Stores!

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I love Thrift Stores especially in the winter when garage sale season is non-existent. But even at the thrift stores, my frugal eyes are on the lookout! $6 bucks for this shirt, no way and back it goes on the rack!


Here are 5 Tips to save you MORE at the Thrift Stores!

When you enter the store check what color is on sale that day. If they do not do a color code ask what the special of the day is. Then to really maximize your savings only look at items in that category. But always look at these items first! Ex. Good Will has their sign right up in the front door and many of the kid’s clothes are $1 so when blue items are 50% off you will get shirts for $0.50! And that’s the amount I like to pay:)


Sign up for their rewards program. Goodwill and Volunteers of America do this. After you spend x amount of money you get a percentage off usually. Goodwill they just ask for your number and Volunteers of America has a punch card. ( or at least they did a month or two ago I haven’t used mine in that long)


Follow their social media pages and websites for coupons or extra savings days or new items they receive. Volunteers of America has coupons that change every month available to print.


Shop their online stores.  Goodwill has theirs here. You can find their stores on their websites or social media accounts. ReStore ( Habitat for Humanity) many of them post their new items on their Facebook pages. Many will let you buy with just a click!


Use Pinterest Baby! Let your mind be open to some of the pieces that could become something fantastic in your home. Let yourself try something new and just enjoy. If you are looking for furniture or home decor there are usually many great finds and when they are a bit outdated they just need a makeover! With Pinterest and You Tube any one can have some fun trying to repurpose an item!


What tips do you have to share to help us save EVEN more money when it comes to thrift stores??? 




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