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The Best Toys for Your Potbelly Pig

If you want the best toys for your potbelly pig, grab your wallet and get ready with these tried and true toys. Some of these you can DIY too!

As a pig owner myself, I love giving my babies toys to enrich their lives. When I started with my first baby mini pig in the house, I was looking for ways to entertain him.

pig pee out of carpet

Four pigs later, I want to share some of my favorite toys for your potbelly pigs. We recently brought home a KuneKune pig, and she loves several of these toys as well.

The Best Toys for Your Potbelly Pig

Pig Rooting Blanket

All pigs love to search around the ground for a tasty morsel. The amount of rooting varies with my pigs. My oldest male potbelly pig Bentley is a crazy rooter. But he seems to enjoy it. He has an issue with flipping the water bucket over, too, to show me how strong he is. My Juliana girls, well, one doesn’t care for it and the other every so often.

Why do pigs need toys anyways?

If you are keeping your pet pig indoors, they will want to satisfy their natural urge to search for food. This gives your pig the stimulation needed for a healthy, thriving pig.

A rooting mat is best for indoor pigs. Of course, you could put one out in the barn, BUT if you have your pigs in the barn, you can use a straw instead.

Read more about how to keep a pig entertained in your home here.

The Best Toys for Your Potbelly Pig

This Piggy Poo and Crew Pig Rooting Snuffle Activity Mat has excellent reviews and is available on Chewy here for $25.

The Best Toys for Your Potbelly Pig

Depending on how much space you have, this rooting rug on Amazon has fantastic reviews for a more prominent option.


Treat Dispensing Toys

If you only buy one toy for your potbelly pig, let it be this one; The treat ball. This ball is fantastic, and after four years finally cracked because I left it out in the winter to freeze.

It was a lifesaver when Bentley was in the house. I still use it frequently now that all the pigs live outside.

The Best Toys for Your Potbelly Pig

My following favorite toy is for the older pigs. Our four-year-old pigs are a pro with this one. Our 1.5-year-old pig pushes it around too. It holds up well, and you can score it on Amazon here.

The Best Toys for Your Potbelly Pig

I’ve found our KuneKune pig gets highly frustrated with the treat ball and likes this one a little better, but not much!

The Best Toys for Your Potbelly Pig

Root Box/ Play Pen

We made Bentley a rooting box when he was in the house. I filled it with plastic balls I had leftover from my kids. He liked it for a few days. Then all the balls were out of the box.

Then I tried putting a straw in the box. He ended up using it like his litter box. So for his personality, a rooting box in the house didn’t work. If I had Olive, my four-year-old Juliana, she would like the idea.

This playpen is made for pigs on It’s a great idea but will take up more space. It could also work outside.

Need the best mini pig treats? My Pigs go Nuts for these. the Best way to train!

Need your pig to slow down on eating? Or make them work for their food? Then, check out this excellent feeder.

  • Enrichment slow feeder training toy stimulates and entertains your piggy pal.
  • Fun activity keeps your pig occupied and happy.
  • Encourages less vocal behavior.

The Classic Kong!

This is always a great toy for dogs, and it does well with pigs too.

Amazon has a great selection of larger and smaller ones here. But, of course, you could hang one in the barn too.

Wire Basket for Hay

Our pig’s favorite is alfalfa, of course. But they will munch on the leftover hay from the goats too. So you could put hay in a feeder on a wall for them to munch at. For mini pigs, you could find an old wire basket to screw to the wall for this.

Hay feeders, otherwise, are a little pricey.

Need the Best harness for your piggie? Here are my favorites.

The Best Toys for Your Potbelly Pig

You can fill this with lettuce. Our pigs love pulling on chewing on these. They hold up well. I’ll fill ours up with spinach and frozen blueberries in the summer. Even in the winter, they hold up well outside.

Are you looking for the best pig harness? Check out my favorites and a video on how to put a harness on your pig here.

The Best Toys for Your Potbelly Pig

A Scratch pad

This is an excellent idea for an indoor pig. Our pigs outside love scratching their butts against the barn doors or walls. Sometimes against our pallet fencing, but it works, and it’s free.

This would be an excellent option if I were to keep our pigs indoors or had a small area for them without an actual good study post area. Grab one on Amazon here.

The Best Toys for Your Potbelly Pig


Believe it or not, pigs like to play with these. I find more so when they are younger. We had Bentley trained to play a little kids piano like this one. Every time he played a key, he got a treat. It was entertaining.

You can grab this one on Chewy for $19.99!

Is your pig peeing inside?! Here are tips and tricks to help stop that.

PetSafe Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug Meal-Dispensing Dog Toy

Another fun toy for your potbelly pig is this tug-a-jug. It would be a lot of fun for your dogs too! You can grab it on Amazon for under $15 here.

Keeping a pig entertained can be a challenge, but you will survive if you are stocked up with a few of these items. Of course, you can always sit down and give some belly rubs. That always seems to do the trick.

The Best Toys for Your Potbelly Pig

Let me know what your piggy is loving from the list in the comment section below?

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Kathy Foster-Martin

Monday 17th of May 2021

Hi! Love your site, so many great suggestions. I just got a micromini baby girl and food is my biggest worry! I got some variety hay, oats, organic pellets and lots of veggies but im afraid of over or under feeding her. Ive been giving her 1/8 cup of pellets 3 x day and lots of green veggies (not really measured). She seems healthy but her tummy is round and solid. Is that the goal? When i got her, her tummy was squishy, kinda like our abdomens feel. She poops and pees well enough and her energy level is good. Also, Id like to hang a hay basket. Would the hay be measured as part of her total daily intake? Do pigs really never stop eating unless theyre sick? Thanks!


Monday 17th of May 2021

Hello! Thanks for the feedback. How old is she? You do want their tummies to be round. The best way to tell is by looking at their rump. It's recommended for 1-2% of body weight in pellets. Another way to tell if overweight is if you can't feel their hip/spine when you pinch at the top. Hope that helps! And our pigs when they are really full they do just lay down and stop eating. But sweets and things they will always go for more. LOL

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.