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9 Ways to Decorate for Thanksgiving on a Budget

Thanksgiving is all about family, friends, and delicious food. But what’s a holiday gathering without festive decorations? The issue is that Thanksgiving decorations can be pretty pricey, especially if you’re trying to create a beautiful atmosphere without breaking the bank.

I’m not crafty, and I can tackle all of these below, so don’t worry. If you are looking for easy DIY Thanksgiving decorations, you’re in the right spot.

I always talk about using what you have for your meals, and the same goes for Thanksgiving decorations.

You can use farm produce and other natural things to create unique, inexpensive decorations that impress your guests.

DIY thanksgiving decor ideas

This blog post will walk you through some easy DIY Thanksgiving decoration ideas that won’t bust your budget.

9 Ways to Decorate for Thanksgiving on a Budget

DIY Gourd and Pumpkin Centerpieces

Gourds and pumpkins are synonymous with fall and Thanksgiving. They make perfect centerpieces; the best part is they’re super easy to decorate.

Use a hot glue gun and some ribbon or twine to create a unique design on your pumpkin or gourd. You could also add some flowers or leaves for an added touch of elegance.

9 Ways to Decorate for Thanksgiving on a Budget

Hand-Stamped Thanksgiving Tablecloth

Instead of purchasing an expensive tablecloth, why not make your own? You only need a plain white tablecloth, fabric paint, and a few potatoes.

Cut the potatoes into Thanksgiving-themed shapes, such as leaves, pumpkins, and acorns. Then, using a paintbrush, apply fabric paint to one side of the potato stamp and press it onto the tablecloth.

Repeat with different shapes and colors until the tablecloth is complete.

Check out the step-by-step on how to do this on Say Yes Blog.

9 Ways to Decorate for Thanksgiving on a Budget

DIY Gratitude Banner

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks, and what better way to display that than with a gratitude banner? This DIY project requires some cardstock, twine, and clothespins.

Cut the cardstock into triangles and use markers to write words of gratitude or Thanksgiving phrases. Then, use the clothespins to attach the triangles to the twine, creating a beautiful banner that can be hung across your living room or dining room.

I saw blank leave banners where you can write what you are thankful for last year in Target’s One Spot.

Or you can grab the one above at Michaels.

9 Ways to Decorate for Thanksgiving on a Budget

Fall Mason Jar Vases

Mason jars are versatile and make great vases for fall flowers or branches. For this DIY, you’ll need some mason jars, twine or ribbon, and artificial fall leaves.

Wrap the twine/ribbon around the mason jar, then use hot glue to attach the artificial leaves to the twine. Fill the jars with your favorite fall flowers or branches, and you have some gorgeous fall mantel or table decorations!

candy mason jar

Or fill it with candy corn for a dual-purpose feature.

9 Ways to Decorate for Thanksgiving on a Budget

DIY Apple Candles

Apples are the quintessential fall fruit, and they make great candleholders! You only need an apple corer, some tea lights, and apples. Use the corer to create a small round hole in each apple’s top. Brush on some lemon juice to keep the apple from turning brown. Insert the tea lights.

Arrange your candles on a decorative platter or tray; you’ve got a beautiful, rustic centerpiece.

9 Ways to Decorate for Thanksgiving on a Budget

Pumpkin Flower Centerpieces

Pumpkins are great for carving and can also be used as a centerpiece. Pick out three small to medium-sized pumpkins and cut off the tops.

Scoop out the insides and fill them with water. Purchase fresh flowers or pick wildflowers and arrange them inside each pumpkin. You can also add a small candle or moss to add some extra decoration.

Here’s a step-by-step.

corn husk wreath- ways to decorate for fall on a budget

Corn Husk Wreath

Corn is a staple crop during Thanksgiving. Instead of throwing away the husks, use them for a DIY wreath. You will need a foam wreath form, a hot glue gun, and corn husks.

Cut the husks in half lengthways, and use hot glue to secure them around the foam form. Start with the outer edge and work inside, overlapping each husk.

These wreaths sell for $26 at Hobby Lobby!

Check out this tutorial here.

9 Ways to Decorate for Thanksgiving on a Budget

Gourd Candleholders

Gourds are not only beautiful but also functional. Choose a few gourds in various sizes, and cut off the top to make a flat surface.

Scoop out the insides and place a candle inside. You can also paint them beforehand for an extra pop of color.

9 Ways to Decorate for Thanksgiving on a Budget

Leaf Wreath and Garland

Leaves are a beautiful natural decoration and are perfect for a Thanksgiving garland. Collect a variety of leaves (real or artificial if you have them already) and string them together using twine or a fishing line. You can also use a hot glue gun to attach the leaves to the ribbon or burlap.

Creating festive decorations for Thanksgiving doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. You can easily make DIY decorations using farm produce and inexpensive supplies, such as mason jars, potatoes, and twine.

These decorations will not only be beautiful and unique, but they’ll also add a cozy, inviting atmosphere to any gathering. So why not try one or more of the DIY ideas listed above? Your guests will be impressed, and you’ll feel proud knowing you created a beautiful Thanksgiving decor on a budget.

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