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The Only Blanket Your Mini Pig Will Ever Need

If you have a pet pig, specifically a pet potbelly mini pig you know they love their blankets. Whether they live in your house or out in a barn, they love blankets.

Olive loves her fleece blankets!

I made the mistake of giving Bently any extra blanket I had. After a long winter or hours stuck in his room, he would shred every single blanket. Even shredded he would still ball it all up and climb under it.

This can be dangerous because the blanket all tied up can choke the pig or cause an injury. You know how pigs squeal and work their way to run from a situation that puts them in harm or scares them.

The only blanket you need to buy your pet pig is a fleece blanket. They can’t shred these. The material in the blanket makes it difficult ( or the taste). 

I’ve had both of our pigs each having a few fleece blankets for a year now and no shredding.

Do yourself a favor and stop wasting money on blankets and hit your local thrift store and grab a fleece blanket or find one on clearance. 

Get your pig ready for winter with the only blanket you’ll need. 

A done deal.

If you are thinking about transitioning your mini pig outside, check out my story and how I did it with my first baby pig here.


If you keep your pig outdoors all the time or even during the daytime hours I recommend getting straw for your miniature pigs as well. You can read all my tips on how to care for your pigs in winter here.

If your pig stays inside most of the time, fleece blankets will be their favorite, especially over the heat vents!

You do not need a heat lamp for your miniature pigs outdoors. I go into more detail with this in our article here

And of course, some more pictures for your enjoyment, because I know piggy parents just love looking at mini pigs!


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The Only Blanket Your Mini Pig Will Ever Need

Feel free to share some of your favorite pig pictures with us or any special blankets your mini pig loves below. 

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Thursday 24th of December 2020

Thank you for the information on blankets. We have bought so many blankets at the thrift store for our two pigs and they only last a few minutes. I have been searching and searching and searching and you are the first person who actually had the information I was looking for. We live in northern New Mexico and we built a pig house for the day and then they sleep indoors at night. But they still like to have something to nest in even in the house. In the winter they go really fast into the family room and lay in front of the fire place where it is warm and where they have a thick piece of carpet to lay on which they will still try to rip up to make a nest. I love Pigs. These two will make three pigs we have raised. The first one we flew home from Alaska. That was an adventure.


Tuesday 29th of December 2020

Oh that is fun! Yes the fleece blankets are much harder for them to shred. We just brought home a KuneKune making us at 4 now! They are the most loveable enjoyable animals.

Jessie Russell

Sunday 7th of June 2020

My potbellied pig just turned one shes so fun she walks with out a leash but I want to get her used to a harness


Sunday 7th of June 2020

I have a few posts and videos with it and the harness we use AND if you have a baby doing it the first time here is article and video

Jessie Russell

Sunday 7th of June 2020

Where do you get potbellied pigs a harness

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.