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How I Found Contentment in Being Broke

Are you feeling the pain of money being tight? Especially this time of year? Did you know that you can try all the classes, read all the blog posts you want and things still can be a mess without contentment?

You can be broke and be content. You can be rich and be content. 

You can also have all the money in the world and still seek more. 

Here is how I found contentment in our spending freeze a time of stress and little income.


The Journey to Contentment 

It is a marvelous thing when you do things out of the desire in your heart instead of the need to do it.

For example- giving.

It is easy to go through our old clothes and see something that we had when we were in high school and think to donate it. “I need to do this it’ so old.”

It is a whole different situation when you donate the shirt you bought brand new on clearance still with a tag. ” I will wear this one day.”

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Face Your Trials with Contentment

Every one of us faces trials in our life. We all go through seasons. We like certain seasons better than others. In each of the seasons, we can find contentment. We can find things to be thankful for. Things that make our hearts feel full.

This is our 5th week of a spending freeze. The hardest thing for my husband has been not buying beer or Tim Horton’s coffee at work.

The hardest thing for me has been not buying anything other than food on clearance!

Last week when I got my 30% off at Kohl’s my first reaction was ” Of course when I can’t spend money.”

My second reaction was- “hmm do I have any extra money anywhere?”

Then I prayed and stopped and said-“What do I even need at Kohl’s?”

We are completely moved into our new old farmhouse.

You know what I realized in this move?!


We have more than we need for clothing, shoes, etc.

Every one of you can join me on this spending freeze. Because really the basics we need to live life are provided to us for free.

Think about it.

To me, these two words go hand in hand- success, and contentment.

We all want both right?

“Success is not measured by what we have. It is about who we are and what we give.”


Be Prepared

Last week we were faced with some more surprising expenses. At our farmhouse, they are hooking up city water on the road. We had to respond by the end of the month if we wanted them to install the hookup at the road- $500 now or if we decided to have it installed in the future it would cost $1,200.

Of course, we want the cheaper. But that was a chunk of money we were not expecting.

Yet we stay thankful. We keep the faith. We could have let negative thoughts take over.  “Is this house really worth it?” We have to put in more money already.

It is because of our hard work and effort that we have money in our savings account to use for these kinds of situations. 

When you are seeking to grow closer to God and trust in him like we have had to do during this spending freeze the enemy hates that. He will try to destroy you.

Don’t let unexpected money situations steer you away from the one who has your back. Trust in him and he will provide.

I’ll end with this moment yesterday and then my spending summary.

Yesterday it was 50 degrees in January. We just got back from gathering up the last of the little items left at our old house. My daughter had fallen asleep in the 97 GMC truck that my husband was so excited to buy for $1,000.

The truck has been so good to us and I love driving it rusted spots and all.  It just fits out here.

My husband is out digging away to make the chicken coop straight. This house is a tester for him. It was built in 1850- many things are crooked. And he is not a crooked type of guy.

He starts a huge bonfire over to the side just around the raspberry patch. My daughter and I just run up the hill.

There is a set of rocks up on a small hill overlooking the pond. I can’t see my husband working on the chicken coop but I can see him walking over in his muck boots throwing more junk wood into the fire and stirring it up.

I look over to my left and see Riley my soon to be 5-year old and her little sister Kenzie jumping in the puddles under the pavilion that one day will be a horse/goat barn and at that moment it hits.





How I Found Contentment in Being Broke

When I met my husband in college- the 3rd time we hung out just the two of us we talked about how we wanted a farm.

The picture I saw yesterday is exactly how I imagined our life. And here at the age of 31, we are living it.

This week I  spent money on food again. Thanks to stockpiling we still do not need any toiletries or personal care items.  The past week was dollar doubler weeks which I had to replenish of few items.



aldis week 5

I spent $40 at Aldi’s on Sunday. 

tops haul

I spent $8 at Tops Markets. 

tops haul week 6

Another Trip to Tops Spent $20

tops week

 And one more Another trip to Tops and spent $9! You can see just on this receipt above the total would have been $34! I saved a lot this week! I held back from getting more just because of our spending freeze and we moved!

This week we spent $77 dollars.  Next Week I will have to fill up on gas. The best part is I have $0.40/gallon of gas from shopping at Tops.

So the $25 a week thing is not working out. But us not spending any other money for the week then $77 is!

How do you find contentment?


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Nani Jones

Friday 16th of November 2018

I love the quote. My husband and I are buying our first home next year. Your story is so inspiring. I am trying to discipline myself to not spend unnecessary money. A spending freeze along with your tips will help me to save. Thank you Tasia

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.