All I want for Christmas is More of Less

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It’s 2016.

I have two small children who aren’t quite so small anymore. You know how that is right?

Our oldest started kindergarten and the youngest started preschool.

We have a new routine and they have found a bit of independence.

My husband and I have probably worked harder in the past year than any other year.

Simply because we are working towards more.


The year we had our first child we realized we needed to get rid of debt if I was going to continue to stay home with our baby. So we did. In two years we paid it all off. Student loans, car loans, medical bills, credit cards. We just had the mortgage.

Yet as challenging as it was, it didn’t feel as emotionally draining as this past year.

This past year we bought an old 1850s farmhouse with some land. We decided to take one small step toward our own greater victory.

It’s been one of the fastest and exhausting years of my life.



I gave my all to my blogging business and then some.

I gave my all to my children and felt guilty about not being able to give them- “and then some”

I tried to give my all to my husband, there wasn’t any and then some.

The list goes on to every relationship thereafter.

Yet I think my husband and I grew the most and learned the most in this past 2016 year.

My husband and I have come together in our faith. Years of praying for my husband to be able to talk about God with me and want to walk closer to him. My prayer has been answered.

This year I have felt like Jesus is literally right next to me all the time. This year I learned to pray before I decide anything.

Through all the things I gave it my all I can say at the closing of 2016 God has blessed each of those areas tremendously.

The thing we want the most for Christmas isn’t material items.

We don’t have the desire to rush out and get some gifts so we have something under the tree.

It’s the first year in a long time I didn’t have to set such a tight budget for Christmas and yet it’s the year I’ve spent the least.

We want more of less.

Christmas more of less 2016

I want more times where my kids and I are playing together.

My mind is cleared and able to smile as I watch them build snow forts and throw snowballs that melt down my neck.

I want my mind free to just be with my children.


Christmas more of less 2016

I want more times where I am able to stand out in our yard and reflect on the mighty wonders of country living.

My mind is cleared and there isn’t any guilt for taking pleasure in what we own.

I want my mind free to just be with my land and animals.


Christmas more of less 2016

I want more times where I am next to my husband and my heart feels giddy.

My mind is cleared and expectations of romance are diminished.

I want my mind free to just be with my best friend.


Christmas more of less 2016

I want more times where I can call my mom who lives 12 hours away & simply listen.

My mind is cleared and the heartache that follows of not enjoying everyday moments is closed.

I want my mind free to enjoy the beautiful relationship I have with my mom.


Christmas more of less 2016

I want more times when I can log into the computer and see the growth of my blogs and feel content.

My mind is cleared and the drive to be better do more and reach more is hushed.

I want my mind free to enjoy where my blog is going and currently all that is has become for others and my family.


Christmas more of less 2016

I want more memories made with my family.

My mind is cleared and the everyday tasks and long term goals are silenced.

I want my mind free so when I look back on my life with our kids I can know we were always present.


I want more of Jesus and to always feel the spirit moving through me.

My mind is cleared the enemy is far gone scared of the mighty savior’s presence.

I want my mind free so I can be all who God created me to be and enjoy my life in a way that is incomprehensible, yet my soul is full.


I want to have more meaningful relationships.

My mind is cleared from worrying about what they expect and where this should go.

I want my mind free so I can enjoy the beauty of friendship God so desires us to have.


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Could it possibly be that the less you do the more you have?

If busyness has a stronghold on you get down on your knees and pray.

If discontentment consumes your body get down on your knees and pray.

If sadness fills your soul get down on your knees and pray.

If you are seeking a relationship with your creator and opening your mind to his direction, you will have more.

Imagine. Believe. Achieve.

It’s already there in you.

Take a moment to reflect on what it is you truly desire.

What is the one thing you want the most?

Does your heart need a shift?

My prayer is for you, me, my husband and so many others to have our hearts and minds open to following Him.

To lining up the truths in our lives with the truth of God.

Going to the bible and learning where we need to be.

We have the best guidebook, so why aren’t we using it daily?

This Christmas and into the New Year let’s strive for more.

We can have more if we just learn how to live with less.Click To Tweet



What do you want more of in 2017?


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Christmas more of less

Wondering how to give your soul the gift of Christmas? Maybe you can relate to this adult wish list of what we need this year.

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