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How to Make your Own Organic Taco Seasoning Mix for HALF THE COST!

Ok so we all hear, cut out the processed food right?! And I am sure that all of us attempt this. You have to start small and not get overwhelmed. One change is something worthy of a praise.

Here is one item that you can stop buying immediately and start making yourself and it will take you the same amount of time to make it as it would to grab it off the shelf, put it in your cart, take it to checkout and pay for it.. maybe even less in fact.



I had tacos all the time growing up! ( is it a midwest thing? Because my husband says he barely ate them… and he really doesn’t care for them unless they are covered in re-fried beans…anyways)

My bestest friend who still lives in Wisconsin made me my own for Christmas one year and it was one of those things that  I said.. “Oh my gosh why have I been buying this?” I was a sucker for the Taco Bell one!

So many things we do with our food is because it’s just been routine.

So trade the store bought stuff that is loaded with all the “yuck” ingredients. For your own homemade version.

The best part of making the homemade mixes  is you can store them in these jars similar to the ones I use( these are smaller than the ones I have but would work good for smaller batches anyways!) or these are my next purchase of adorable jars  and put them on display!

Here is the recipe I use :

*Crushed Red pepper, chilli powder and cumin you can adjust the amount to your family’s liking. 

BJ’s has really good prices on Organic Spices, even though the Batavia store seems to be cutting back on the variety. But don’t feel it has to be organic. You are trying to cut out the extra preservatives and the hidden “natural” flavor type stuff! 

Than you can pour it right into one of your jars, or even use a ziploc baggie and store it in there.  If you don’t have jars and it is not in your budget to buy anything for your own spices, use an old pickle jar, jelly jar, plastic container whatever you have on hand!

Mix it all up and you have yourself some homemade Organic Taco Seasoning! Even get the kids to help ya!

Will you try this recipe this week? 



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.