VLOG: The Barn is About Done, Update on Blue Kitchen & More

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I have to apologize if you have been following along with the barn progress. I started off all ready to get this thing filmed every week and life got in the way. So a few weeks have passed and you can see all the progress that has gone on. It has taken my husband a few months working in the barn outside of work time. He only had his father over two times to give him a hand. Otherwise, all that work is his. He has worked so hard on it. I am so proud of him.

On my end, it’s a challenge. To be with the kids and do all the other household stuff alone, but it’s the sacrifice we make for this short period of time. In the end, we get the results we want. That’s not to say it isn’t easy, because DIY projects are NEVER easy.

Enough typing, I’ll let you watch now.


Have a great day friend.

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