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9 Things You Had No Idea Pigs Love

Ever wonder what do pigs love to do? Would you be entertained seeing your mini pig doing some of these things? I bet your mini pig probably loves all of these things just like mine does! 

things you had no idea pigs love


I wasn’t quite sure if pigs would really swim. Then, I saw the cute little memes all over Facebook with pigs on the sand and swimming. 

We brought him down to our pond the first summer Bently was with us. This pig did not hesitate. He loved getting in, going underwater, and rubbing his body all in the sand.  Yes, they do swim! 

9 Things You Had No Idea Pigs Love

I will say there will always be a pig who doesn’t like water. Olive will only put her hooves in for a minute and walk away. She’s too much of a lady to be doing all that.  Bently and I will keep working on her, though.

things mini pigs love

Build a Nest

I talk more about keeping pigs warm in winter post here, BUT they love to be under stuff. Whether it’s mud, straw, or blankets, they love to build a nest. 

It is too cute seeing your mini pig carrying straw in their mouth over to their nest. Our two mini pigs Bently and Olive, made quite a nest this winter and buried themselves underneath. 

9 Things You Had No Idea Pigs Love

Play with Balls

Keeping a mini pig entertained in the house, especially during winter, is a challenge. Good thing they love playing with balls. The treat balls are something I still use to this day. The one above is my favorite, and Bently still uses it, and he’s two now! 

They will continue to push the ball around, giving them some mental stimulation and work for their food or treats. I feed our pigs all meals in the winter with the treat balls. 

things you had no idea pigs love


It doesn’t matter the size. When your mini pig loves and trusts you, they want to cuddle. I was shocked when we adopted Olive. She sat on my lap the first day we met her.

Ever since, she is the one to be a major cuddlier. Bently cuddled a lot more when he was in the house.

Now that he lives outside, he cuddles only when he wants because he is busy rooting up and searching for food. 

things mini pigs love


If the sun is shining through a window or door in your home, your mini pig will find it. The same goes for our pigs, who are now outside. When the sun is shining, and they have some straw in the winter to lay on, they will. In the summertime, you will see mini pigs sunbathing all the time. 

things mini pigs love

Belly Rubs

This is exactly how we trim our mini pig’s hooves. They love a good belly rub. A stick, a fork, a broom are all favorites around here.

When Bently was in the house, and I would bring out the broom to sweep, he would just lay down, hoping I would come over and give him a rub.

It’s so cute and precious these big animals will plop where they are to get a belly rub. 

things you had no idea pigs love

Run- AKA The Zoomies

This is probably my favorite thing my pigs do. It also warms my heart to know they are happy.  We have a pretty long hill that comes down from our woods. /

When Bently goes for a walk and comes out of the woods, he runs down the hill. He will stop halfway, rub his butt on the ground, and zoom around. 

Pigs are so fast. Bently will beat our dog any day! 

I had no idea I would be blogging about farming stuff when I had Bently, so I didn’t take any videos, but I will be taking quite a few more of the pigs and their zoomies this spring and summer.

Our pigs are now over five years old! To keep up to date follow us on Instagram, or Facebook!

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