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How to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal Using What You Have

Oh March 2020, even now into April 2020, means we all need to be resourceful.

We love using what we already have. We always start a project keeping in mind how can we do this for the cheapest way possible.

With my husband being home during this time, now 39 days, he has been staying busy outside. Our 1850’s home needs a little curb appeal boost.

boost curb appeal
boost curb appeal
boost curb appeal
A little more

I thought it was weird having a front door without an entry way to the porch.

A few months ago ( I shared on Facebook) I found an amazing deal at Lowe’s on outdoor shutters. I’ve been wanting some for our house. You guys I paid $13 for a two pack!

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boost curb appeal

I wasn’t 100% sure if they were going to be the right size, but I could NOT pass these up at that price. I mean the regular price is closer to $50+.

boost curb appeal

Our 100 year old barn fell down in June 2019, and we are still cleaning it up. It’s been a huge time saver with my husband being off of work now getting it cleaned up. With that there are tons of rocks.

We decided to remove the border that was currently around the house and replace it with big old stones.

Adding mulch is a great way to enhance your curb appeal.

boost curb appeal

I also added a hydrangea in the corner. It’s been a weird spring so the hosta’s still have to fully open up.

boost curb appeal
Before Pressure Washing

Then we can use the pavers for a walkway.

boost your curb appeal for cheap

We pressure washed the stones and it looks amazing.

boost curb appeal

The picture above is a few weeks after we did it. Time gets away from you even during quarantine!

We added thinner stones that were around a front garden for under the gutters.

Adding stones to your home gives it instant curb appeal.

If you live out in the country there are always huge rocks along the farm fields. The problem is getting them back to your home.

boost curb appeal using what you have

If you don’t have stones or pavers, I encourage you to take a look at what you already have around your home.

Fencing? Stones? Swings? Patio furniture?

All of it can be rearranged and will give you a fresh feeling.

We also trimmed up this bush a ton. It makes it feel like it is a different bush.

We moved shrubs from one garden area to another.

Other simple ways to add curb appeal to your home are:

Putting out planters

We also replaced the corner windows because they were very old. In the winter you could feel the air come through. We painted the outside trim white around the windows. I think it gives a cleaner look.

We added a few hanging baskets, my husband got me that welcome sign for Christmas and filled the flower boxes.

boost curb appeal
boost curb appeal
boost curb appeal
boost curb appeal
boost curb appeal


  • Added a wreath on the door
  • Added home decor
  • Trimmed bushes
  • Added a walkway
  • Changed border around house
  • Removed clutter
  • Added mulch to garden beds
  • Created a border around trees
  • Pressure washed

If you want 40+ more curb appeal ideas sign up below and get instant acess to the list.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.