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Cheap Patio Decorating Ideas

I’ve been living a frugal life for a while now. It all started because we really didn’t have a choice. I’ve always loved a good deal, even since I was a kid.

But when you start a debt-free life, and have big goals, your frugal living drive becomes intense.

The beauty is you don’t have to cheap out forever if you don’t want to. But once you constantly think about how to save money, it’s hard to rewire that wave of thinking.

Today I have some cheap patio decorating ideas for you.

cheap ways to decorate patio


The rug. Lo and behold, I’ve wanted a patio rug for the back deck for the past 4 years.

I was NOT spending $100. $50, I would consider it but most likely pass it by.

When a friend of mine told me you need to look for RV rugs, it was a game changer folks. All you need is this link here on Amazon, and you will be able to find an outdoor patio rug for under $25. A big one too.

Note- due to Covid-19, this rug has gone WAY up in price.

This can be flipped and used on either side. Check out how I use my indoor/outdoor rugs inside here.

Check out my Viral Frugal Hack on How to Decorate Your Yard with Flowers HERE.

Diy Umbrella holders

Cheap Patio Decorating Ideas

Do not buy an umbrella holder, friends. In the past, we cut a five-gallon bucket down and filled it with cement. My husband put a plastic PVC pipe in the middle, and boom, we had a very cheap umbrella holder.

This is the only picture I could find! When we moved to our farmhouse, it came with an awning on the back deck, so we haven’t need one. ( Something happened with my picture)

This time after moving, the umbrella holder ended up not coming. I used my pot planter. I shoved the umbrella in the center, and it’s been working great.

Here are ideas on how to make your own similar to the one we made.

No need to spend money on that.

Cheap Patio Decorating Ideas

Cheap Umbrella

Look at your local Grocery store. This umbrella we have had for over 5 years, and I paid $29.99 at our local Tops Grocery Store, and I got gas points for the purchase.

Let’s do that math $29.99 over the past five years, that’s only $5.99 per year! What a steal.

cheap ways to decorate patio

Fence Panel Table

Nine, I can’t believe it’s been that long, but NINE years ago, we bought our first patio table at Kmart. The excellent big umbrella I just purchased was in it.

I forgot to close the umbrella on a windy day. Yep, the umbrella came up and smashed the table. I think we had it an entire week before that happened.

We didn’t want to go out and buy a new table. Instead, another crazy freak accident happened before this and tore down one of our little fence panels.

We were NOT buying one new fence panel- there were only about six total on one side of our old city house.

You can check out how to build your own DIY table here.

cheap ways to decorate patio

Instead, we used those fence panels for the top of our table. Friends, it’s been nine years and it’s weathered and old and precisely the trendy look!

We put sealer on it the first two years and haven’t touched it since. It’s rough and could use a fresh coat, but it’s been working out for us just fine. The chairs are still in great shape that came with the Kmart set.

When you have short summers, it will do.

cheap ways to decorate patio


Hit up Tractor Supply middle/end of July for clearance planters. Most of us love a little plant here and there on the backyard patio. If you buy a planter, you can refill it each year. A lot cheaper than getting the pre-made pretty ones.

I got my favorite metal planters this year on clearance for only $6! It’s a steal, my friend. It was the first time at Tractor Supply the planter had the yellow sticker, and when I brought it up to the register, she told me it had an extra discount!

I grabbed the outdoor pillows, smaller ones for $5 each, at Walmart. Otherwise, BJs and Costco mark those down in June.

I do recommend these Lifetime Adirondack chairs. They were a big purchase for me and one we treated ourselves to. We got these at BJ’s for $119 a year ago. You can check Amazon, and Sam’s club.

fill planters frugal

Fill your planters with clearance hanging baskets too. I share this tip on another post here.

I hope this helps inspire you to decorate your porch or patio a little more resourceful this year.

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