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One Acre Homesteading For Beginners: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Are you tired of the dirt under your nails, early morning rooster calls, and feeling like you will never catch up? Yet, no matter all of the ups and downs with homesteading, you know it’s right where you are meant to be.

I’ve been where you are – starry-eyed, full of ambition, and ready to dive into the deep end of homesteading. And boy, did I make some mistakes along the way!

One Acre Homesteading For Beginners: Common Mistakes to Avoid

But don’t worry, my missteps are your gain. I’m here to share the common mistakes we inexperienced homesteaders tend to make and how to avoid them.

So, let’s get started!

homesteading mistakes on one acre to avoid

1. Too Much Livestock Too Soon

I remember the day I brought home my first flock of chickens. I was so excited I could barely contain myself. But then, I realized – I had no idea how to care for chickens! Don’t make my mistake. Start small, learn as you go, and gradually increase your livestock.

One Acre Homesteading For Beginners: Common Mistakes to Avoid

2. Underestimating the Time and Energy Required

Homesteading is not for the faint of heart. It requires time, energy, and a whole lot of patience. Trust me, those tomatoes won’t plant themselves!

So before diving in, ensure you’re ready for the commitment. Sometimes, we think we have everything all planned out and then the curveballs in life come a little too soon, this is again where a homesteading planner makes a huge difference.

building a barn

3. Ignoring Zoning Regulations

Ah, zoning regulations. The bane of many a homesteader’s existence. Before building coops and planting fields, know your local zoning regulations.

Trust me, the last thing you want is a surprise visit from an unhappy city official.

the ultimate homestead planner

4. Neglecting to Plan

In my excitement to start homesteading, I jumped right in without a plan. Big mistake.

A clear plan can help you stay organized, manage your time, and focus on your goals. So, take some time to plan before you start digging.

One of my downfalls is jumping into things without organization; that’s why this hometead planner and chicken planner have made a huge difference in our homesteading game.

Need tips on how to homestead on an acre or less? Try this.

Now, let’s talk about some bonus tips for those common concerns:

homesteading mistakes on one acre to avoid


Consider investing in a good irrigation system. Your plants will thank you!


Good fencing is essential for keeping your livestock safe and contained. Trust me, chasing after a runaway goat is not fun!

Soil Quality

Before you plant anything, make sure to test your soil. This will help you know what nutrients it needs and what crops will grow best. Also, if you plan on composting, ensure you are tossing the right things into your compost and adding it to the garden when ready.

If you put compost that’s not fully broken down or has too much nitrogen, it could kill your garden plants.

So if you’re eager to begin your journey as a homesteader, hopefully, this insight will serve as a helpful reminder of mistakes to avoid along the way. Most importantly, it’s important to remember that despite small stumbles, you can and should celebrate the successes and use them to keep going.

After all, with a little knowledge and know-how combined with lots of enthusiasm and dedication, you’ll undoubtedly find homesteading incredibly rewarding! If you have any questions or need help, please reach out.

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So there you have it, folks! Here are a few common mistakes to avoid as you embark on your homesteading journey.

Remember, everyone makes mistakes. What matters is that you learn from them and keep going. Happy homesteading!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.