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Best Farm Animals for Beginners- No Matter the Reason

Starting a little farm can be something quite addicting, BUT it takes a little bit of patience, practice and knowledge.

When I was a teenager I was out volunteering to take care of animals at a petting farm. I’d rather ride horses and play with pigs than most things.

Being able to have my very own animals in my own backyard is a dream come true.

No matter what the reason is you want to raise farm animals, there are some aniamls that are easier than others.

And heck, if you have this option and you don’t want to get overwhelmed take it.

I don’t like to give myself a label onto how we do things here on the homestead. I wouldn’t say we are homesteaders, but others may think so. The point is there are some animals I can tell you from experience that are best to start with.


Yep. It was our first choice and SO glad it was. They are the best farm animal to introduce to your homestead. Why? They are easy to purchase, and don’t cost a ton.

how keep chickens safe this year

Plus you do NOT need a ton of space for the chickens. It’s best to start with six chickens. You can always add more to your flock.

Plus you are going to get something in return for such little effort. Those fresh farm eggs will be so worth it.

meat chickens not raise

If you want to raise chickens for meat, that’s even easier. As meat birds you only need around for a shorter amount of time. You can read how to raise and butcher your own meat birds here.

Chickens are a great option for kids in 4-H. As one of the only animals young 4-Hers can show and enter in the fair.

Now if you were like me and terrified of birds, I’m here to tell you I have OVERCOME this fear. 5 years later. I’m even able to handle the Roosters like a champ now too.

You will get over the fear and it is SO worth the meat and or/eggs.

Read or Pin: How to Get Perfectly Boiled Farm Eggs

If you want to know how much it costs to get started with chickens read this.

Be sure to read this on how to raise chickens like a pro and this if you want to do it for cheap.



Next up is my next favorite ( besides my mini pigs) ducks. After raising a few different flocks of ducks, I almost wish I could have 20 ducks instead of chickens.

And listen I would, except for the fact we have a 1/2 acre pond that is common place for the coyotes to come. I have NOT learned how to master the sadness that comes with losing animals.


They are absolutely adorable as babies. Your kiddos will LOVE having them take their first swim in your bathtub.

You can easily get ducks from your local feed store too. They don’t cost a ton and you do NOT need a pond to raise ducks.

I’ve explained all my best tips for raising ducks here.

And I’ve shared the biggest mistake we made when raising ducks here.



Rabbits are a great option to a beginner because they do not require much room and cost little to feed. Plus they are a great project for the kids to start with 4-H.

My daughter showed her rabbit at the fair and it was a great learning experience. This is also a cost effective farm animal for meat purposes too. We haven’t ventured into that, and not sure we could with the girls being rabbit lovers, but who knows right?

Best Farm Animals for Beginners- No Matter the Reason

That’s the beauty living this homestead, frugal, simple, whatever you want to call it life.

The possibilities are endless.

If you are feeling like possibilities are not endless, let me ask you if you are feeling a financial struggle? If so check out some of my post popular tips to help you get started on a path to financial freedom. It has changed our lives forever.

What’s the first animal you are going to venture with? Or what was your first farm animal?

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Wednesday 20th of May 2020

Love your site! Great articles and tips. I look forward to reading more. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge with others, Tasia!


Friday 22nd of May 2020

Thank you so much Cheri! I'm so glad you found it and enjoyed it.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.