Cute & Cheap Egg Gathering Basket Holders

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Strolling through an antique shop I spotted an egg box. It wasn’t the vintage wire egg basket I wanted but it was unique.

The girls work hard let’s display their beautiful eggs. Whether you are looking for the classic vintage wire egg basket or an egg basket from Tractor Supply I have a nice roundup of options.

egg box basket

Looking online I found even more adorable egg holders. If you are raising your own backyard chickens it is fun to have a conversation piece to hold your eggs.

egg box basket

I found This vintage box would hold all my eggs. The raffia is the selling point. If you don’t want to shop for Raffia online I find during early spring you can find a two pack of Raffia at Dollar Tree.

egg box basket

I love this egg holder with a more vintage top. You can choose from the one below or a white.

egg box basket

Get the Metal Wire Egg Storage Basket with Ceramic Farm Chicken Top and Handles  on Amazon here.

Have you had trouble boiling your fresh farm eggs? I did too, until I started making the eggs this way!

This Egg skelter is just fun. I love how the brown eggs contrast against the dark.

Get the Southern Homewares Egg Skelter Deluxe Modern Spiraling Dispenser Rack, Black on Amazon here.

egg box basket
egg box basket

This wire chicken egg box is the look I was going for. It’s also affordable. All you need to do to make it cute is add some rafia to it.

Your eggs will be sitting pretty.

Get this Wire Chicken Egg Basket, Wood Handle on Amazon here.

egg box basket

This one would be handy if you are selling eggs at the road. I like it because you could have your unwashed eggs at the bottom. Keep your washed eggs at the top to dry before putting in the fridge or out in your cooler etc. It will hold 36 eggs.

Get the 2 Tier Country Rustic Black Chicken Wire 36 Eggs Display Tray and Storage Basket on Amazon here.

egg box basket

This Egg Basket at Tractor Supply is basic but the red is cute. Add some raffia to the bottom and it will be adorable.

If you haven’t gotten the hint this entire post is really to get you to use raffia to display your eggs! It’s also our cheapest egg holder option at $6.99!

egg box basket

This isn’t your “traditional egg holder.” I can see beautiful brown and green eggs in this bowl. As a beautiful center piece. This one you may be able to get away without any raffia in it! And you can use it for it’s original purpose too- bread!

Get it on Amazon here.

egg box basket

This one is cute because you could bring it right out to the chicken coop with you. After you can place it on the counter and it will look adorable. The top pushes down as well.

Get the Fairfield Garden Products Mini Egg Gathering and Foraging Basket on Amazon here.

egg box basket

This is my style! I love the vintage egg box. If you don’t have backyard chickens or your hens are coming up short in the winter, this box is for you. It comes with fake eggs! Still look pretty.

Get this Vintage Farm Egg Box on Amazon here.

egg box basket

Another non-traditional way to go. I can see eggs in one spot. Fruit in another spot and some beautiful Easter colored M&Ms in the top!

This is pricier for us frugal folks. It has a dual purpose. Or could go on your wish list. As I write this it has a $4 coupon! Always be on the lookout for coupons on Amazon.

Get this on Amazon here.

What egg holders do you love? Which one is your favorite from this list?

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