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Dippity Pig Syndrome Symptoms

Is your sick pig showing Dippity symptoms? Pig can’t stand up? Does miniature pig keep walking backward? Dippity pig syndrome shows up between 4 months and up to 4 years even.

Is there something oozing out of their back? Your mini pig probably has Dippity.

The first time my mini pig Bentley got Dippity I was startled but knew exactly what it was.

Learn the symptoms and how to treat it, so if your miniature pig experiences it, you won’t be alarmed.

dippity pig symptoms signs


Pig Dippity is also known as bleeding back syndrome. Once you see this on your pig you will understand why.

When Bentley got Dippity he was out under a pine tree. I touched his back and he made a noise but the stuff was sticky. Bently was 1.5 at the time.

He was walking around fine, and I thought it was sap.

We continued on our walk and he started dropping his back legs. Unable to walk and a serum coming out of the skin are signs of pig Dippity.

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Exactly what Bentley had. I decided to make sure and go for the third symptom to watch for- pain.

When I went to touch on his back I noticed the spot was getting larger. Sure enough touching his back had him grunting out. You will know your pig sounds and the noise they make when they are unhappy.

This is exactly was Bentley was doing. He was rooting around on our walk like normal. I wasn’t quite sure because other then that he was fine.

Common Symptoms according to American Mini Pig Association.

  • Occurs in young pigs – between 4 months and 4 years
  • Sudden, rapid onset
  • Screaming/squealing in pain
  • Dipping or temporary loss of use of hind legs – it usually does not affect front legs
  • Red, oozing sores on back – there are usually more than one, and they make stripes across the back rather than following the length of the back bone
  • Pigs will try to run or move away from the pain
  • Pigs will usually eat and drink
  • Pigs will usually have normal stool and urine
  • Pigs will usually have a normal body temperature
  • Usually lasts 2-4 days
  • Can reoccur in some pigs
  • Happens most often in small pet pigs, occasionally in show pigs, and has been reported a few times in farm pigs
  • Seems to be associated with a stressful situation

I started to feel really bad because Bentley got Dippity after we transitioned him to full time outdoor living.

I thought was it too cold? Was he upset?

What it came down to is he had a change of environment and we had a major warm up in Feb. to a 65 degree day. The combination of those things had him experience Dippity.

This is more common in mini pigs than farm pigs. Why? No one really knows for sure.

Thinking about transitioning your mini pig outdoors? Read my story and tips here.

How to Treat

There really isn’t anything to do for it other then let it ride its course. It lasts about 2-4 days. Bentley’s lasted the full four days. If your pig is living indoors and can’t settle down Benadryl (aka diphenhydramine) up to 1 mg per pound every 8 hours is reccomended.

Of course if things don’t feel right and your pig’s condition is getting worse you will need to call your vet.

WHEN TO CALL A VET- According to American Mini Pig Association

  • If the pig is not responding to treatment
  • If the condition continues for longer than 4 days
  • If both the back AND front legs are involved (probably not Dippity)
  • If your pig will not eat nor drink
  • If your pig continues to be very painful
  • If your pig runs a fever (temperature greater than 103)
  • If your pig seems unresponsive
dippity pig symptoms signs


The one thing I didn’t find online was how gross it looks after. The first time day it was really oozy. The second day not so bad. The third day I could tell it was drying up. The pictures I have are from day five.

It doesn’t look so bad.

It was once the oozing stopped it got really crusty looking. At the time I didn’t think I would be blogging about pigs so I didn’t take many pictures. I will emphasise it looked like big black scabs. After a week they went away and his skin is back to normal.

When I touched the scabs he didn’t squeal out. I am assuming it was just the natural healing process for the skin. You could put coconut oil on it, I didn’t put anything on and let it naturally heal.

dippity pig symptoms signs

Bentley didn’t seem too worked up about the situation. I mean look at him he’s a beefy dude! He’s my buddy and it was painful to watch him with Dippity. Mostly because of what I read online, but I will tell you, it’s common.

It’s not your fault. Your pig loves you just as much and will pull through in a few days.

Has your pig experienced Dippity? What tips do you have to share?

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Thursday 29th of April 2021

Hey Tasia, I just thankfully ran across your post. I have a pig myself. She lives in doors and goes out to play and potty. She has really dry skin. Which she eats the Mazari brand. (Seen your post on that too) I plan to to switch brands hoping that helps. Long story... her vet 2hrs from me. I needed a Mobil vet today. Put calls into 4 places for Agatha (my piggy) was told I’d get calls back. Never received any. On top of Aggies vet Greennocks in Charlotte, seriously told me they don’t see pigs so had no advice. I told them I bring her there and they spayed her. Ending with they didn’t know much about pigs and no return calls. So this is when finally this evening I ran across your post that has gave me more info. Than anyone. Aggie recently gets the wet looking spots on her back, looks a lot like Bentley’s pictures. She does jerk at the touch of her back. This morning she woke up actually I woke her because she would had normally been awake. She as well wouldn’t eat nor drink. She has what looks like a good size whelp on her back, Definitely has fever coming off it. Not sure if she got stung or bit by something at that point. Did put hydrocortisone on it this afternoon gave her Tylenol and Benadryl. She finally felt like she could get up to go potty and she did eat some and drank. Noticing this evening the place on her back seems to be oozing. She lays doesn’t try to get up. I know this is long but If you are willing or can give me any advice please! Even if it’s just a recommendation on a vet possibly in my area. Was your pigs place hot to the touch or hard? Thank you in advice. Greatly enjoy reading your other post too. Karrie


Friday 30th of April 2021

Hi Karrie! How old is Agatha? This summer my 5 year old Juliana female got dippity a little bit, the weather was 75 a couple of days then went down to 50, and I've noticed that causes it. She had a big spot that got all chunky like a scab and didn't want anyone to touch her. She did eat and drink normally though. The no eating or drinking part makes me nervous. The dippity does ooze and that is normal if it is dippity. I haven't given my pigs anything for it though and they do come out of it in several days. Do you give your pigs ivermectin regularly?

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.