Cutest Mini Pig Halloween Costumes Roundup!

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Oh my goodness, if you have a small mini pig, or even a full grown up, so many pig parents LOVE dressing them up for Halloween. Although I didn’t get in on the Halloween costume when we brought home our first piglet, I did put a Christmas one on him!

Here is a group of pictures going around on Facebook I thought it would be fun to collect and share with other mini pig owners.

If you have a picture you want to share with us feel free to message me on Facebook, email or drop it in the comment section below.

There are still a bunch of CUTE costumes to order on Amazon with 2-day free shipping!

See some of my favorites here. 


miss pearl dressed up on halloween




mini pig halloween costume idea roundup




mini pig halloween costume idea roundup


Wrena the witch



mini pig halloween costume idea roundup






Poindexter Hercules Hamm, piggy bank or stripper. Or she says whatever works! LOL.



mini pig halloween costume idea roundup


Tooey as a piggy bank




Leroy Allen Brown as a sheriff











Wonder Woman!





How cute! Before you go be sure to check out my other Mini Pig Articles! 


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mini pig halloween costume ideas

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