Why You Actually Need Four Boxes of Cereal at a Time

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how to start stockpiling with grocery coupons

Throwback image of when I started couponing! Look how little!

I was chatting with my brother the other day, who ironically is NOT a couponer but he just so happens to help me run a COUPON blog! Listen, he tends to stay away from the coupon breakdowns and leaves that to me. He too wants to save money and get a deal.

BUT he doesn’t want to use a $0.50 coupon on cereal. I tried to have him write up a grocery coupon breakdown on the blog.  You needed to buy four boxes of cereal to get them for less than a $1 a box.

He said, “Why would I need FOUR boxes of cereal?”

It’s just him and his girlfriend. I responded, ” Why wouldn’t you?”

The thing with couponing isn’t just about clearing shelves and buying things you don’t need. It’s about the right timing so you can save money all the time.



Here’s the deal. Let’s say you don’t pay attention to sale prices, ( I know most of you probably do but stick with me here)

You buy a box of cereal at a full price of $4.

The box lasts you one full week.

You buy cereal every week at the full price of $4- that’s $16 total for the month. My brother would be saying’ Big deal $16 for cereal?”

Now let’s say you bought cereal the couponer’s way. On sale paired with a coupon.

Let’s say the cereal is on sale for 1.99 a box. 

You have FOUR $0.50/1 coupons and your store doubles coupons up to $0.99 everyday! ( Locals Tops and Wegman’s do this)

You buy four boxes and use four coupons and pay $3.96 or $0.99 a box.

If you only ate one box a week you would pay $3.96 a month instead of $16.

Imagine if you could start buying ALL your items for prices like that. The savings would be huge.

This is how we paid off all our debt.  You start small and work your way up. You change your mindset to grab items when they are at their lowest price and stock up. The key is to NOT buy things when they are full price.

Right now you should agree to never pay for anything full price again.

This is how stockpiling with coupons comes to be. Buying items at the lowest price. It’s just a matter of combining a coupon with a sale price.

One of my first posts that gained a lot of traction is How Couponing Destroyed our Debt It’s true it really brought a shift in our mindsets and how we started paying for our groceries.

If you have a family you know that one box of cereal won’t last for more than two kids a week. Couponing and buying groceries this way will save your family a lot of money on groceries.

Being smart with your money is a must when it comes to living a debt free life.


If something is clicking and you are wanting to give couponing a try you must start with coupon matchup lists. You can choose from over 20 different retailers here. This will also help support my blogs!

If you have any questions on the lists use the comment form below and ask away. I love helping you save and I love couponing!

Before you even start couponing you will want to shop from your pantry first.  If you really want to save money right away this week WITHOUT coupons, you should join me in the Pantry Spending free here. (explains how to get started)

The best place to find coupons online is coupons.com.

Otherwise, your Sunday Newspaper inserts and many local stores have coupon tear pads or blinkie machines with coupons.

Not feeling coupons? Try These Three  Tips To save Money WITHOUT coupons on groceries here. 


To read more about couponing check out the Learning How to Coupon Part 1 here.



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how to save moeny iwth grocery coupons

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