Easter Egg Hunt Giveaway- Winners Picked!

Easter Egg Hunt Giveaway- Winners Picked!

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*UPDATE: Winners have been picked and contacted.

$100- Visa Gift Card: christyrossiterxx@xxx.com

Amazon Gift Card Winners:

  • nikoleroze@gmail.com
  • whitaker53xx@gmail.com
  • stephaniekexxx@gmail.com
  • geebexxx@gmail.com

Welcome to another giveaway! Happy Easter Weekend. I know this weekend is going to look different than any other Easter weekend you’ve probably celebrated. So with that I hope to bring a little extra light into your home this weekend.

I’m having an Easter Egg hunt. There are a few things first.

There will be five prizes up for grabs.

  • $100 Visa Gift Card
  • 4- $25 Amazon Gift Cards

You need to find all 7 Easter Eggs to get to the entry form. All you need to do on the entry form is add your email address. Super easy.

As you find eggs it will keep track of how many you’ve found. When you’ve found the last egg it will take you to the entry form.


So you’re not scrolling through thousands of pages, you will need to start on the homepage which is thefrugalfarmgirl.com.

Eggs will only be on articles/links on the homepage. That means once you click through to an article from the homepage and find an egg you will want to head back to the homepage to find more.

There is a total of 7 eggs.

To get you started the first egg is below. ( Make sure you tap that egg to count for your total) That’s how they look and you tap it and move on. So go on back to the homepage and get clicking to find those eggs.

( Heads up the entry form isn’t showing up for everyone. So please come back to this post and leave a comment. Your comment will be your entry.)

[egg id=”0″]

If you haven ANY questions at all use the comment form below.

Have fun! This would be a great thing for the kids to do this afternoon 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone and thank you SO much for supporting this site.

There is a egg hunt going on over on my BJs site too. Top prize is a $100 BJs gift card and more!


  1. Reva M April 11, 2020
  2. cherie mckeon April 11, 2020
  3. Jessica April 11, 2020
  4. Tom H. April 11, 2020
  5. Reva M April 11, 2020
    • Tasia April 11, 2020
  6. Elicia P April 11, 2020
  7. Victoria Marie Feliciano April 12, 2020
  8. Victoria Marie Feliciano April 12, 2020
  9. Michelle C. April 12, 2020
  10. Sandy Danielewicz April 12, 2020
  11. Kevin Eldridge April 12, 2020
  12. Christy rossiter April 12, 2020
  13. Heather Thurlow Reardon April 12, 2020

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