easy foods to grow from seeds

7 Easy Foods To Grow From Seeds For Cheap


I love growing my own plants that yield a harvest and are cheap. If you are a frugal person and want easy foods to grow, I’ve got the top ones for you.

Growing your own food is rewarding and can be frustrating. For me the worst part was spending $5 on a plant to have it die. Now I always start with seeds and instead spend $3 for more than five plants.

I also keep an eye out after the summer for seeds to go on clearance. I store the seeds in a cool dark place and use the following spring.

This past year check out the haul I got on seeds at Dollar general in the video below.


We have to start off with Tomatoes.

The best part is you only need one plant to easily produce a harvest of 10-20 pounds. When you grow a few more you will have plenty to can and use throughout the year.

easy foods to grow from seeds

When I first started gardening, I heard many people say don’t use seeds for tomaotoes. Buy at your local nursery. Well I’ve been growing my own tomatos from seeds for the last four years and have had great success.

I like to can my tomatoes and have 20 tomato plants. My budget also likes seeds. As long as your are taking good care of your seedlings I haven’t had any issue with my tomato plants starting from seedlings.

I’m no expert so I would love to hear what others experience is as well. This is a place to come together and share in a real honest way.

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Green Onions

Oh buddy these are so much fun to grow. They are pretty much fail proof. I can say that because gardening doesn’t come natural for me and it has been a try it and learn process, and I know it is for all gardeners.

But green onions make Taco dip so much better, and adding to almost every dish throughout the summer is a blast.

This is one that will give you plenty and you don’t even have to use the entire seed packet.


This is one of those plants I think are great for frugal folks, because they will come back. When we first started doing a vegetable garden, we let a lady convince us at the greenhouse to spend $35 on a hanging strawberry plant.

She made the idea of bringing it in to our shed in the winter so easy and fail proof.

Well she forgot to mention how much more CARE it needs in a pot to begin with. When you plant strawberries in the ground, they are pretty easy to grow.

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easy foods to grow from seeds

Grow these beauties near the compost pile and you won’t have to do much but a little watering. They spread and will produce a lot. Our pigs are experts at growing these.

From the fall time when we give our pigs lots of squash from the gardens, they start to sprout all on their own the following season.


I love growing a butter lettuce. It’s almost fail proof and you can throw more seeds in throughout the season. It’s nice to have lettuce on hand for a quick sandwich or your cute little bunnies.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or exhausted from gardening, you may have garden burnout. It’s something we all experience. There is a way to get through it. I have a post and video about it here.

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I love growing carrots from seeds. I tried the seed tape and it worked well, BUT they cost more. The key to growing carrots from seeds is to really thin them out.

Otherwise you get short and funky looking carrots. Which isn’t terrible BUT it’s not ideal. This one is fun for the kids too. They eagerly wait for the tops to flop over and yank up those carrots. I admit I love it too.

So thin them out and don’t by shy. It gets easier as time goes on.


This is one I always have grown in the garden but I don’t find using much. Any new ways to use these up leave me a comment. We would slice up and put in salads but never enough to make it worth it. I do give them to the pigs and that’s fine.

Radishes are an easy food to grow. One year I dropped seeds into my window boxes and they grew! The tops are kind of pretty and can work for greenery. So you may want to get creative with these and plant all over.

If you are looking for easy and fast growing fruits to grow check out this article here.

Share with us below your favorite items to grow from seeds.

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