Farmhouse Style DIY Wire Hanging Plant Basket

Farmhouse Style DIY Wire Hanging Plant Basket

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Lately, I have been having such a strong desire to get this house decorated like Joanna Gaines stopped on over, with a touch of my own style of course. Something about being on a 6-month spending freeze, and moving out to the country made had me waiting and waiting to get this place decorated.

Plus you know how it is when you consider yourself or others even do as frugal. You want to make all your own decor you see on Pinterest, but you don’t have the time, but mostly the supplies cost too much!

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 I spent $25 on this Farmhouse Style DIY Wire Hanging Plant Basket

That’s what I do. I had to shop around to see what store really had the best price on these fake succulents.

Fake? Yes, fake. I love gardening, I love nature. I love real plants.

I kill them. Inside.


It’s true. I once had a Jade plant my mom gave me and it was on its last leg, so I thought that it needed to get directly outside, I burnt it. My mom who is pretty much a master gardener, sweetly and puzzled said, ” Hmm, I’ve never seen that happen.”

I slowly try to be more mindful of my indoor plants but the truth is, I can’t remember them.

Maybe it’s the other 28 animals and 2 kids we have. I don’t know. Either way as a frugal person I know that buying my fake plants will last me a LIFETIME unless our mini pig Bently eats them, which he won’t because I paid more than I wanted for these.

I could keep buying real plants and dropping $5 a plant every few months.

I want the plants to look good and for me to forget about them.

If you love real plants, by all means, you could line the baskets with plastic and dirt as well. The truth is the creativity from this idea is endless, so change it to how it fits you.


Where Did I Buy My Goods

I found the wire baskets for an AMAZING price, $2 at Dollar General! Holla!! Seriously it’s awesome. I even got bigger baskets for my next DIY farmhouse style project. I also was able to use a coupon, of course, right, since I’m also a coupon blogger, and ended up paying less than $2 a basket!


Farmhouse Style DIY Wire Hanging Plant Basket


I used this old pallet we found out in our barn. It truly is perfect. I didn’t have to do a thing to it. You, of course, could use any pallet and stain it to make it look more vintage. 


Dollar General has digital coupons you can add. When you go to the store and check out you type in your phone number to access the coupons you clipped beforehand. They frequently have $5 off a $25 purchase which is what I used.

I got my succulents at Michaels with their 50% off sale. It was the cheapest place I found in our area. You could use any type of plant you like that fits your budget.

After comparing prices and seeing what would be the best fit, I found the succulent mats to be the best price for the look I wanted.


Farmhouse Style DIY Wire Hanging Plant Basket

I spent a total of $25 on this project.




How to Make:

  1. Measure the placement of your baskets.
  2. Use two screws and washers per basket to give a sturdy support for the baskets to hang.
  3. Measure your succulent mat against your basket to make sure it is the same length. If not use scissors to adjust.
  4.  Cut and measure your burlap ribbon to fit inside your basket.
  5. Bend your succulent mat around to fit into your basket. Until you have the height you wish. I removed the lower succulent leaves from the bottom to fill in the top giving it a fuller effect.



Farmhouse Style DIY Wire Hanging Plant Basket


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Farmhouse Style DIY Wire Hanging Plant Basket




Farmhouse Style DIY Wire Hanging Plant Basket


Farmhouse Style DIY Wire Hanging Plant Basket




Farmhouse Style DIY Wire Hanging Plant Basket


Farmhouse Style DIY Wire Hanging Plant Basket

So Share with me, do you love  the Farmhouse Style DIY Wire Hanging Plant Basket? Hate It? How Will you make yours?! 

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