How to Freshen Up Your Home Using What You Have

How to Freshen Up Your Home Using What You Have

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There it was my beautiful yard sale find was now sitting in the garage, with anything and everything piled on top of it.

I decided it was too big and bulky where I had it, needed a new paint job and I didn’t need it anymore.

I was in a minimalist mood.

Oh, be careful if you are in a minimalist mood. Spending money on furniture usually isn’t cheap and requires a good hunt if you want to get something used.

So before you go tossing everything out or pawning it off to your siblings, save it.

Today as I hauled this buffet table back into the house, being careful not to put any weight on the leg that is busted I couldn’t believe I was ready to toss it a few months ago.

It added more depth into the dining room again and gave the room a change I needed and didn’t cost a dime.

If you are feeling like you need a makeover in one of the rooms in your house, rearrange your furniture.  I know easier said than done just like spend less money than you make right?

Try it. Check out my tips to inspire you today. 




See if you can move your main focus in your living room. For example your TV.

how to update your home using what you already have

I switched the TV from being straight against a wall to a slight curve in the corner. This allowed me to move the other couch down a little bit.

I took the bench out of the living room and put it in the dining room.

Taking one piece of furniture out of a room and into another can give you enough of a change that you are looking for without costing you a penny.



As a parent, one of the pieces of advice I heard and am always amazed at how well it works is, hide half your kid’s toys and bring them out later on and hide the other half.

They play with those toys again and again everytime they are “fresh.”

As adults, we need to do the same thing with our furniture. We don’t necessarily need to go out and get a new chair or couch, we just need to shift each piece.

You can even try changing your dining room table to an angle and see how much of a different feel it adds.

So if you are feeling the winter blues and wanting to give your home a fresh feel.

Try swapping your furniture pieces into different areas of your home.

This concept of using what you have before you go out and buy new is exactly the same mindshift when I share about shopping from your pantry FIRST before going grocery shopping.


Here are some examples of how I  switched up the living and dining room along with our porch/mudroom.


how to update your home using what you already have



I brought in two new pieces of furniture- that I already owned. The buffet table was in the garage all summer and feels fresh again. I have been considering a new table and chair set, but hate the price.

Of course, right now we are still in the midst of finishing the kitchen. We are just now putting in the flooring and the same flooring from the kitchen will carry through the dining room and living room.


How to Freshen Up Your Home Using What You Have


We got our current table used at Habit for Humanity for $200 with all six chairs. The chairs are pretty beat now, but I have been thinking about reholstering the cushion part.


how to freshen up your home using what you have


Adding a tablecloth in the winter months for me gives my table a different feel. Adding a table cloth anytime of the year can freshen up your home. I have a table cloth for each season. You can add a table runner or even add a couple table runners horizontal to give it a different feel.

I find great prices on tablecloths and runners at Big Lots.




If you are really needing more counter space, it’s probably so you can move stuff from one table to the next right?! This is a common scenario in our house, “Kids set the table.” Everything from the table comes off and goes to the next closest table.


The buffet table I would love to be white but it also goes with the dining room table.  For Christmas when I need the extra space to set up the Nativity scene or any more little Christmas trinkets I can on this table now.


How to Freshen Up Your Home Using What You Have



I liked bringing the bench into the dining room for an easier way to add quick seating for guest at the table. It is the perfect height and since two of our chairs bottoms are completely gone we have enough seating when we use the bench. This bench was in our living room.


I got a deal on this bench at BJ’s Wholesale club. If you haven’t heard it’s my favorite place to shop. Target is a close second. You can see why I love it so much here.  I paid under $60 for the bench! 

It has sliding doors and the two shelves you see. Wholesale clubs are a great place to pick up affordable furniture.

how to freshen up your home using what you have

The table that was on this wall is now in the living room and you can see from the pictures it gives it a different feel. Soon this floor will be replaced and will give the whole house a warm and cozy feeling. The table above my husband made out of pallets!


how to freshen up your home for cheap

Now the table is filled in the living room. Having a piece with this raw pallet wood allows me to move it anywhere in our home and it will still match.



how to update your home using what you already have


The porch/mudroom which should really be called the dog’s room changes with the weather.   In the summertime, I put the coat rack near the back corner where the fern is. The fern I just purchased this summer with my awesome Tractor Supply Planters here.


How to Freshen Up Your Home Using What You Have


In the winter I want us to actually use the coat rack instead of throwing everything on the hot tub, so I put it in the corner closest to the door and moved Jake’s recliner over by Daisy’s crate.

The bunny is still up in the air where she will officially stay, but for now, she’s enjoying bunking with Daisy.

Just switching the pieces around in this room gives you a fresh feel each time you enter.


Any simple swap of furniture in your home can give you the instant gratification of seeing new furniture.


Let me know what you are going to switch around in your home in the comments below. 


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