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5 Frugal Decor Ideas for Your Office

Oh, the joys and pains of working from home. I’ve been working from home full-time for four years now, and when I get into a funk and feel uninspired, I know I need to change up the decor and layout in the office.

But I hate spending a fortune. I want things to look cute, but I won’t pay the FULL price for them.

So today, let me share with you some ways you can feel inspired and excited to sit in your office for hours upon hours, day after day!

Okay, I know I’m incredibly grateful for working from home and being my own boss. So, try some of these ideas if you want to learn how to work from home.

If you work from home, you know that having a comfortable and stylish home office is key to productivity. But decorating your home office can be cheap.

Here are five frugal decor ideas to make your space stylish and functional.

5 Frugal Decor Ideas for Your Office

Shop your own home first.

Before you run out and buy new office furniture or decor, take a look around your own home. You might be surprised at what you already have that could work in your home office.

For example, a dining room table could make an excellent desk, and a new-to-you armchair could be perfect for reading or relaxing. Or you could swap out the chair you use on the computer.

5 frugal home office decor ideas

Sometimes I will bring the outdoor furniture into the office and swap chairs. It’s crazy how much of a difference swapping out one piece of furniture makes.

My favorite cheap place if you want to buy something new to you is checking your local Restore. This is like a Home Depot Thrift store version.

Plus, all the proceeds go back into Habitat For Humanity’s mission.

Check out this blog post for more tips on freshening up your home using what you have!

5 Frugal Decor Ideas for Your Office
This was one of our favorite things in our finished basement

Get creative with storage.

Be smart about the way you store things in your home office. For example, try using old suitcases or boxes to store documents and other materials rather than buying expensive filing cabinets.

Or use mason jars or glass containers to hold pens, pencils, and other office supplies.
I hung wall wire baskets and then bought cute folders to hang inside. I grabbed the folders and the wall basket at Marshall’s.

5 Frugal Decor Ideas for Your Office

Bring in some nature; if you’re looking for a way to boost your mood and increase your productivity, consider adding some plants to your office.

Studies have shown that having plants in the workplace can positively affect mental health and job performance.
So add a few green friends to your home office space. Choose low-maintenance plants that don’t require a lot of watering, such as succulents or cacti.

You may want to check out the best gifts for the one who works in an office.

Wholesale clubs are the best places to buy succulents or any plant. Costco, Sam’s, and BJ’s are the best deal.
But you can also venture out to nature and see if there is anything you can bring in, depending on the season you are reading this.

motivation for office setting

Incorporate personal touches

Make your home office a space that reflects your personality. For example, hang artwork that you love, or put up photos of family and friends. And don’t forget to add a few inspiring quotes to keep you motivated throughout the day.

5 Frugal Decor Ideas for Your Office

Keep it organized

A tidy desk is a productive desk. But you don’t need to spend a fortune. So instead, I use an old wooden window frame and hang the girl’s artwork with twine from the barn.

I used chalkboard paint over a piece of plywood to make the chalkboard section on that I could write scripture. This falls under the keep it organized and incorporate personal touches! Winning!

This comes from someone who tends to keep a messier desk most of the time but still manages a successful business. But I know that every once in a while it helps to clear your mind when the desk is tidy.

If you watch any of my live videos on social media, you’ll see my desk, but for those who don’t, this is what it tends to look like. LOL

5 Frugal Decor Ideas for Your Office

I tend to leave cups, papers, and everything all over the desk, so I take time each week to tidy it up and keep it organized. Fridays are an excellent day to do it because you can return to work on Monday with a new desk and a fresh perspective.

I’m writing this article on a Tuesday, so I’ve got a few days to get it back in its orderly condition.

By following these simple tips, you can turn your home office into a stylish and functional space – without spending much money.

Do you have any budget-friendly decorating tips for the home office? Please share them with us in the comments below!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.