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11 Frugal Gifts that Will Impress Everyone

It’s that time of year again! Christmas is just around the corner, and you’re probably wondering how to buy a gift for everyone on your list. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with fun and thoughtful frugal gift ideas perfect for anyone in your life.

Best yet, these gifts are all under $20, so no matter what kind of budget you have, there’s something here for everyone!

Please scroll below to learn more about our favorite frugal gift ideas this holiday season.

Happy shopping!

11 Frugal Gifts that Will Impress Everyone


Socks are a great gift for a frugal person on your list, as most people could use more socks and tend to wear out quickly with constant wear.

You can also buy socks with unique designs or sayings, like “Keep calm and carry on” or “I love unicorns.” Finally, for sports fanatics, buy them socks with their favorite team’s logo.

You can find cute socks in the Target Dollar section during the Holiday season, and Five below will sell cute socks for around $3 a pair.

11 Frugal Gifts that Will Impress Everyone

Workout Clothing

Workout clothing is a gift many people want but don’t want to spend themselves. Gym shoes and workout tops are ideal for this use.

Five Below is another excellent frugal option for cute workout clothes. You can check in-store or on their online website now too.

11 Frugal Gifts that Will Impress Everyone


Books make an excellent gift, especially if you know what kind of books you like to read. You can also make a book last longer by including some home-baked cookies with the gift.

If they aren’t into physical books, you can consider purchasing a Kindle Subscription.

There are many deals on Amazon for used books, so you can get a pretty good deal if you wait for a sale. This is especially nice for small children who tend to tear through books quickly.

11 Frugal Gifts that Will Impress Everyone

A Nice Pen and Journal

A nice pen and a journal are thoughtful gifts for someone who likes to write, as pens can be expensive. You could also have the gift come with a nice notepad or even some lovely stationery that you decorate yourself with.

For those who love to color and express their creativity through drawing, a daily drawing journal like this one is a fun gift idea too.

My daughter loves to draw, and we got her the Devotional Doodle Journal for her birthday, and she loves it.

hellofresh meal cards


A subscription is a great gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. You can choose from various magazines, newspapers, dinner meals, or other subscriptions to give as a gift.

If you are curious how I liked Hellofresh as a frugal person, check out the review here.

Plus, you can find a list of HelloFresh ALternatives HERE that would make a great gift.

11 Frugal Gifts that Will Impress Everyone

Shower Steamers

Shower steamers are another thoughtful and frugal gift for people who enjoy a hot steamy shower. You could also DIY a bath bomb gift.

There are many places where you can find bath bomb kits online, usually at your local craft store.

11 Frugal Gifts that Will Impress Everyone


Soap is another frugal gift idea that people could always use more of, especially if it’s a lovely-smelling soap. It’s also a good idea to include a loofah or other bath accessory with the soap for a complete bathing experience.

reduce insulated coffee mugs frugal gift

Insulated Coffee Mug

An insulated coffee mug is another gift many people would like but don’t want to spend on themselves. I found a great Reduce set at Costco for $14.97 that is now sold out. They have the same ones here at Sam’s club. If you aren’t a Sam’s Member, you can sign up for a deal through my link here.

They have different colors to choose from.

Otherwise, you can find some of these on Amazon for around $13.

11 Frugal Gifts that Will Impress Everyone


Slippers are an excellent gift for people of all ages. They’re especially nice to wear around the house on cold winter mornings or evenings, so many people could use another pair of slippers now and then.

I love when wholesale clubs like BJ’s will have a slipper and pampering gift set.

BJ’s has a cute slipper set for only $14.99.

You can find these at your local craft store during winter clearance sales, which tend to happen in January or February.

Edible Gifts

Of course, I had to include edible gifts. These are another great option when you want to give someone a unique gift they can enjoy in the comfort of their home.

Home-baked goods are always a good idea if you have some spare time, and there are also many places where you can buy tasty treats that are sure to please.

Many candy factories have online stores where you can place an order and get it shipped right to the person’s home.

gift cards for gifts

Gift Cards

Gift cards are another excellent option for frugal people, who can decide what to buy with their money. BJ’s Wholesale Club offers gift cards for less than face value.

During Black Friday and the month of December, you can find savings of $8 off gift cards.

It’s worth checking around online to find the best price for a gift card. *Not a BJ’s club member? Sign up for the entire year for $25 here.

11 Frugal Gifts that Will Impress Everyone

Frame Lyrics

Another cheap gift idea is to print out the lyrics of a favorite song and frame them in a nice frame. This would be great for your music-lover friend! You can find cute frames at Dollar Tree and Five below.

It doesn’t have to be Lyrics either; maybe a cute saying or a particular phrase only the two of you will remember. Anytime you can personalize a gift and add meaning to it, it embraces the real art of gift-giving.

The holidays are just around the corner, so now is a great time to start planning your gift-giving. We hope our list of fun and frugal gift ideas has inspired you with new ideas for everyone on your holiday shopping list – or even for yourself!

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