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5 Fun & Frugal Staycation Ideas for Families

We all know how amazing it would be to jet off on a summer vacation, right? But let’s face it; sometimes our budgets don’t cooperate. Airplane tickets are way up, and when you have a large family, the amount you spend to get to your destination is a budget killer.

But fear not! I’ve got the perfect solution: the ultimate staycation!

Tell the kids it’s time you become a tourist in your city or town, exploring all the hidden gems and exciting activities in your backyard.

Trust me; you won’t believe how much fun you can have and how many awesome things your area offers. And the cherry on top? You get to crash in your comfy bed at the end of the day. Win-win! 🌟💤

5 Fun & Frugal Staycation Ideas for Families

Find The Water 

When it’s hot outside, there’s nothing better than dipping into a cool pool or lake or swimming in the ocean. Take a look at what options you have in your area.

Explore local lakes, rivers, and creeks that you can swim or wade in. If you live close enough to the beach, take a day trip to swim. 

Finding local pools is another excellent option. Many cities have public pools that are surprisingly fun and underused.

Of course, neighborhood pools are another fun option. If you don’t have one, meet up with a friend lucky enough to live in a neighborhood with a pool. 

Splash parks are another freebie that many areas offer. Even if you don’t have one in your local area, consider searching for one nearby.

And don’t forget about having fun with water at home. Get a kiddie pool, and water toys, or turn on the sprinklers and cool off. 

5 Fun & Frugal Staycation Ideas for Families

Dive Into History 

How much do you know about the local history in your area? Make it a point to read up on it this summer and explore local historical places and museums.

It’s fun for adults and a great educational experience for the kids. Encourage them to read up, explore, and maybe even create a project around your town’s history. 

In our local area, we have the Jello Museum; I have lived there for over ten years and always thought it wouldn’t be worth it until I saw a Groupon for it. It is still priced at $16.50 for two adults and two children.

We took the kids, and it was a great little place, and we all enjoyed it. It may not be something you frequent, but I encourage you to visit the places you think may not be worth it. We even got a free t-shirt with the Groupon deal.

Many cities and areas with a rich history offer various tours you may not know. It’s worth contacting your local tourist office to find out what you’ve been missing. If you can’t find anything in your town, expand your search and take a few day trips. 

5 Fun & Frugal Staycation Ideas for Families

Peek At The Calendar Of Events 

You won’t believe what’s happening right under your nose! Take a quick peek at your local calendars of events, and prepare to have your mind blown.

Seriously, guys, communities go all out during the summer months! This comes from someone who lives in a tiny town, and even our town goes all out during summer.

Get ready for a whirlwind of awesomeness. From cool classes to epic concerts and movie showings to mind-blowing festivals, there’s something for everyone.

And guess what? You might not even be aware of all the incredible things happening right in your own backyard!

Between events your city or county puts on and various other events hosted by cultural centers, museums, and churches, for example, you’ll be sure to find quite a few things you may want to attend this summer. 

One of my favorite things to do when the girls were younger was to find the local Free VBS ( Vacation Bible Schools) and sign the girls up. It gave them a week of fun activities, and I had a few hours a day to work.

5 Fun & Frugal Staycation Ideas for Families

Fun In The Backyard 

So, we’ve covered the water fun in your backyard, but guess what? The fun doesn’t stop there! Get ready for a range of awesome activities you can do without leaving the comfort of your humble abode. Get those creative juices flowing!

First up, let’s talk about dining al fresco. Set up a cozy picnic area in your backyard or patio. Grab a blanket, whip up some delicious snacks, or even a full-blown BBQ feast.

Take your taste buds on vacation and enjoy a meal under the open sky. It’s like a restaurant experience without the hefty bill! ✨

And what’s a summer night without some s’mores action? Get your fire pit ready and gather around with your loved ones. Roast marshmallows, share stories, and create memories that will warm your heart (and your taste buds!).

How about a magical night under the stars? Set up a cozy campsite in your backyard. Pitch a tent, bring out the sleeping bags, and let nature’s twinkling lights serenade you to sleep. It’s like having a camping adventure without the long drive or pricey campground fees. The stars are waiting, my friends!

So, let’s transform your home into the ultimate vacation spot! Get everyone outside, soak up the fresh air, and let the good times roll. Whether dining al fresco, roasting marshmallows, or sleeping under the stars, your home has all the ingredients for a frugal and fun adventure.

staycation ideas for families

Explore A New Culture 

Just because you’re staying home this summer doesn’t mean you can’t dive into a new culture. It’s one of the most significant benefits of traveling abroad, but with a little effort and imagination, you can experience some of it right at home. 

Pick a country or culture and dive in. Taste the food, listen to the music, watch the movies, and read the books. Maybe even learn a little of the language and do it all as a family so you can interact and explore together. 

By putting in the same level of planning and effort as you would for any regular family vacation, you’ll be amazed at the memories you’ll create, all while spending just a fraction of what a typical trip would cost.

So, let the warmth of togetherness fill your hearts as you embark on this extraordinary staycation journey. It’s time to savor every moment and make this summer truly unforgettable!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.