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How to Make an Epic Vacation In Your Back Yard Camping

Vacations are a bittersweet word this year in 2020. If you are reading this during the thick of it, you know why.

The hardest thing about everything going on is not having a loose plan. I’m not a detailed type a planner, BUT I like a loosely based schedule. I need to have something in my back pocket to pick from.

2020 is our year. Our big financial goal hitting year. We paid off the mortgage this month ( full story coming soon). And with that we were going to take the girls on their first camping trip to the Adirondacks.

Things are not going as we planned. We live in a very pretty spot. Our location right now is something that has been a desire in myself and my husband’s hearts.

backyard vacation camping

Through so much prayer and temptation our dream was almost taken away.

But God’s plans are bigger. Better. And he won the battle.

So here we are enjoying this piece of land we now completely own, and will be camping in our backyard again. ( Wishing your family could vacation but budget has you staying close? Read this.)

When we first moved in, I was excited that we could camp in our own woods. Whoo hoo it will save us $25 instead of camping at the state parks.

But I’m also older now and after the first year, when I can walk to my own bed or sleep on an air mattress, I choose my bed.

But camping is really about the memories. The guilt for leaving the girls out there and being disappointed in the morning, is worth the stiff back.

But this year, we wanted to take them to the mountains.

It’s disappointing, but let me tell you. Kids love the experience you create with them.

If you want an epic camping experience in your backyard here are the best tips I can share with you that have worked for us.

The beauty of this, it doesn’t matter how much land you own. Heck you could even do this in your basement.

The most important thing you need is- the right attitude.

Trust me, I know, how painful it is to play barbies with your kids. Especially when they tell you exactly what to say.

But if you can let your mind go- of all the stress and anxiety and the checklist floating around in your mind, and be present.

You will create the best camping experience.

Your kids will start coming up to you smiling, or randomly whispering to you they love you. They need to see you relaxed and having fun.

And if you are a high achiever like me, sometimes it’s hard to let go and have fun. Sometimes you are too exhausted and your mind can’t go there.

backyard vacation camping

Before your big camping day, rest up. Get the amount of sleep you know your body needs. Prepare yourself for this.

Give your kids the best experience.

They will think back to 2020 and the coronavirus and the masks, and they will smile talking about the time you went camping in your backyard.

Pick up extra chocolate for S’mores, graham crackers, peanut butter ( it’s so good on a S’more) and marshmallows.

Don’t skip out either- go with name brand on the marshmallows. TRUST ME. Even cheap Tasia does this now.

Bring out your favorite blankets. Get matching PJs. Make is so special.

If you are doing it in your basement, or you live in the city, and seeing those country stars aren’t possible, order lights. Twinkling lights and set it up around your camp site.

Have a bonfire. Or microwave the S’mores. Make popcorn and share silly stories.

backyard vacation camping

We bought these Fun backyard light rockets for 4th of July, but I saw them out at BJs already this year.

backyard vacation camping

Go around and share with each person one thing you appreciate about them.

And then let the rest of the night fall into place. Let yourself feel the vibe and the contentment your family is feeling.

If your the mom like me, you know we truly can set the tone. For our kids, for our husband.

Do everything in your power to set the tone you want from your family.

Pray over this time together. And pray for protection over this bonding time with your family.

We don’t need to go anywhere to create the experience of a vacation to bond, and destress.

We really can do it in our homes or backyards.

Change up the scenery a little bit for your mind, and create one of your favorite memories in 2020.

If you are planning on going camping before 2020 hit in the traditional leave your house kind of way, check out all my cheap must haves to make your camping experience the best.

To make an epic camping trip grab my Ultimate Camping planner! It’s on sale for a limited time! It has everything you need to make your next trip the best one yet.

best camping planner

Let me know what ways you will be taking a vacation in your own space this year? Are you ready to experience the joy of today?

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