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The Best Cheap Garden Landscaping Plants

When I’m driving around in the summer, I’m instantly in awe of the homes with beautiful, well-landscaped yards. I’ve always been impressed with patios and front porches filled with container plants and color.

Before I got thrifty and experimented with frugal gardening, I thought anyone with many flowers was dropping a small fortune on it.

Now, I know it takes time and the right kind of plants to have a flourishing yard on a budget.

best cheap plants for landscaping

Below are various options to give your outdoor area a nice lift without breaking the budget.

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hostas on a budget


Hostas are one of the cheapest and most cost-effective plants for those looking to landscape their yard on a budget. Requiring minimal care and hardly any water, they can create a lush green carpet beneath trees or along fences in no time at all.

Plus, they come in various shapes and sizes so that you can get creative with your design!

The Best Cheap Garden Landscaping Plants

Each year, you can transplant some of your Hosta plants to a new area in your garden or yard. They grow pretty fast, and as soon as you see the leaves start to emerge from the ground, you can cut some off the plant.

The Best Cheap Garden Landscaping Plants

I tried to take a corner of the Hostas with a shovel and dig deep. Make sure you go far enough down to grab all the roots. Then, dig a hole in your new location and plant away.

Remember, they prefer shadier spots, especially if you planted or transplanted a Hosta.

The Best Cheap Garden Landscaping Plants


Daylilies are an excellent option for gardeners who don’t have much money to spend but still want vibrant colors in their outdoor areas.

An economical alternative compared to other flowering plants, daylilies come in many different sizes and colors, making them perfect for any size yard or budget!

Daylilies require minimal watering and sun exposure – making them perfect for gardeners who don’t have the time or energy to devote to their landscaping needs.

The Best Cheap Garden Landscaping Plants

Remember, they like to triple the amount of space in the garden yearly. Like Hostas, you don’t need more than one or two plants to start with, and then each year, you can take some of the plants and transplant them to a different area.

When we moved to our farmhouse, they had daylilies all filled in behind the back deck. It was pretty, but after two years, they took over and got out of hand.

Now, I feel like every year, and I can never keep up. It’s kinda like my learning experience with chocolate mint!

With Daylilies, when you dig these plants up in early spring, ensure you get the entire root ball, or it will continue to grow in that space.

The Best Cheap Garden Landscaping Plants

This is a plant you can thin out after a couple of years because of how fast they grow.

Adding these easy-to-care-for flowers will surely bring more life into your garden without costing too much money.

The Best Cheap Garden Landscaping Plants

Creeping Thyme

Another great way to achieve lush greenery without spending too much is creeping thyme. This rugged ground cover takes very little work from you but delivers beautiful results nonetheless!

The Best Cheap Garden Landscaping Plants

Available in many different vibrant colors, it thrives even through heat and dryness while also being able to withstand foot traffic easily!

The Best Cheap Garden Landscaping Plants

English Ivy

Going the low-maintenance route, consider English ivy. This hardy vine will quickly spread to cover up any bare patches of soil while providing some color variation in your landscape design.

The Best Cheap Garden Landscaping Plants

Ivy does require some pruning and trimming to keep it under control, but other than that, it’s easy to take care of!

The Best Cheap Garden Landscaping Plants


In dry climates, succulents can be an affordable way to spruce your outdoor space. They require very little water or fertilizer, making them an ideal low-maintenance choice for people who don’t want to fuss over their landscaping too much.

Succulents come in many different types, including agave and aloe, so take some time to find out which would suit your climate best.

The Best Cheap Garden Landscaping Plants

If you don’t want to commit to planting in the yard, I put succulents in pots and use them for decorating my back patio, and then I can bring those plants in during the winter months.

My favorite place to buy succulents is BJ’s or Costco. I imagine Sam’s has them, too, but our Sam’s is an hour away. I can get three packs for under $8.

Here are a few basic tips if you want to plant succulents. Grab a good potting mix to keep your succulents healthy and happy. Look for one specifically designed for cacti and succulents, as this will provide the proper drainage and nutrients needed for long-term growth.

In addition to potting mix, you’ll also want to invest in a mister bottle – these are convenient tools that allow you to mist or spray your plants with water as necessary.

Look for an adjustable nozzle so you can choose how much water is released at any given time. This is a must-have if you bring your succulents in during the cooler months.

If you want to save time while caring for your succulents, consider purchasing an indoor grow light system. This will ensure your plants get the right amount of light without moving them outside or adjusting blinds/shutters daily.

Some systems even come with adjustable levels, so you can customize the environment depending on the type of plant you’re growing!

Finally, a toolkit designed explicitly for succulent care isn’t a bad idea either! These kits usually come with specialized scissors, tweezers, and tongs to help make pruning and trimming easier than ever!

The Best Cheap Garden Landscaping Plants


When it comes to finding beautiful flowers on a budget, consider lavender. Not only does this herb smell delightful, but it is also extremely hardy and tolerant of cold temperatures and the harshest sun.

It is by far my favorite to landscape my yard with.

The Best Cheap Garden Landscaping Plants

Lavender requires very little maintenance and is surprisingly resilient against drought conditions while still giving off its signature calming scent!

The Best Cheap Garden Landscaping Plants

I always bring dried lavender flowers and place vases in every room. The best part of drying flowers is they last forever! I use little glasses we’ve won from events or found at thrift stores.

The Best Cheap Garden Landscaping Plants

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses are a great way to add texture and movement to your landscape without breaking the bank. With various options like pampas grass, zebra grass, and other stunning varieties, these plants are perfect for adding beauty and interest to any garden.

The Best Cheap Garden Landscaping Plants

They require minimal care and very little water or fertilizer – making them an ideal choice if you’re looking for a cheap plant to spruce up your yard or garden. Plus, they look amazing blowing in the wind!

No matter what kind of landscaping project you’re trying to tackle this year, plenty of cost-effective plants out there won’t hurt your wallet yet still give great results!

Hostas, succulents, lavender, daylilies, and creeping thyme are all great options for bringing beauty into your garden on a limited budget – now get out there and start creating something amazing!

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Dianna Hurst

Thursday 1st of June 2023

I love your ideas for affordable landscaping. I need some ideas for plants that would be in direct sun daily. I am new to this plant thing. Thanks.

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