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Small Front Porch Ideas on a Budget

Your front porch is the first thing visitors see when they come to your home. It’s also the perfect spot for enjoying a cup of coffee on a lazy Sunday morning or watching the world go by in the evenings.

But if your porch looks a little lackluster, it might be time to spruce it up. The good news? You don’t need to spend much money to give your front porch a facelift.

When we moved to our farmhouse six years ago, I was so excited to have a front porch, but it’s pretty narrow and could have a more inviting look.

Even though I may not sit out there and enjoy a cup of coffee( I leave my side deck for that), I still like to spruce it up with a few thrift finds and hanging baskets.

No matter what your front porch looks like, you can always give it a fresh new feeling without spending much money.

Here are some tips for upgrading your front porch on a shoestring budget:

boost curb appeal

The above picture is our front porch a year ago when we added a cheap walkway which you can read about here.

You can see how narrow our front porch is.

Small Front Porch Ideas on a Budget

Clean and declutter

Ready to give your porch a makeover? The first thing to do is to roll up your sleeves and give the space a good cleaning! Grab a broom or a leaf blower and sweep away all the dirt and debris accumulated over time. If you have any dead plants, remove them to make room for fresh new ones.

Take a look at your outdoor furniture and decor, and see if anything needs to be tidied up or replaced. If you’re lucky enough to have a pressure washer, now is the perfect time to use it!

Not everyone has one, but don’t worry – ask around in your local Buy Nothing group or see if you can borrow one from a friend. Swapping services is always a great way to save money and build community connections.

Small Front Porch Ideas on a Budget

Paint your door

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your front door. Choose a door color that complements your home’s exterior and adds personality to your entryway.

If you wanted to do only one thing to make your small space pop, it would be this one.

This is on my to-do for our side door, it’s still white since we bought it, and I love the clean white look, but I’m ready for a pop of color.

When choosing paint for your door grab the right one. My personal favorite paint is Behr and I always find my favorite colors from Benjamin Moore and then have Home Depot color match.

frugal ways for potted plants

Add potted plants

Want to bring some life and color to your front porch? Potted plants are the perfect solution! You don’t have to spend a fortune to make a big impact. Look for plants that are easy to care for, like succulents or herbs, and arrange them in groups of three or five to create a visually appealing display.

Not only will your porch look beautiful, but you’ll also enjoy the benefits of having live plants around – from cleaner air to a sense of calm and relaxation.

I purchase my potting soil at BJ’s Wholesale Club when it goes on sale, but you can always shop around for the best price when filling up your containers.

Small Front Porch Ideas on a Budget

Wait for end-of-year clearance on containers. Or grab some from Dollar tree, and don’t be afraid to spray paint. Checking your local thrift stores is another great way to start your container gardening for cheap.

Check out how I add potted plants all over my decks for cheap using this hack!

If you want to get started with container gardening check out these posts and pin for later

Small Front Porch Ideas on a Budget

Add a Wreath

A wreath is another inexpensive way to add some charm to your front door. You can make one yourself using materials from the craft store or buy one pre-made from a local florist or home decor store.

You can find wreath hangers at Dollar Tree. My favorite place to get wreaths is Michael’s Clearance.

Small Front Porch Ideas on a Budget

Add Greenery

When the warm summer weather hits, I’ll place some of my indoor winter plants out on the front porch as decor. Adding greenery is a great way to add your own personality to the front door area.

Change House Numbers

Something that seems so simple and obvious but can add a difference. Adding more significant house numbers or a fancy plaque-type design will change the look of your home and give it that expensive touch.

Small Front Porch Ideas on a Budget

Add Shutters to Windows

This made a huge difference in our home. I was so excited when I found these black shutters on clearance at Home Depot! Always be on the lookout for a deal.

Small Front Porch Ideas on a Budget

Hanging Plants

Hanging plants always add an expensive touch to a home; the most challenging part about adding these instant beauties is keeping up with the watering.

I like to water every morning when the girls go out for the bus, otherwise, I’ll forget.

Small Front Porch Ideas on a Budget

Window Boxes

If you can’t hang up plants, what about adding window boxes? You can add window boxes under an actual window or on your small porch railings. Maybe even add a porch swing too.

Small Front Porch Ideas on a Budget

Use Old Dressers

If you want to add. a little style and functionality, consider adding an older dresser to your small porch. This porch decor idea will only work if you have a covered porch.

Small Front Porch Ideas on a Budget

Add Flower Vases

I love this porch decorating idea and use it whenever my backyard flowers grow. Create a flower bouquet for your small table on the porch.

You may think that flower vases are for indoor use only, but adding fresh flowers to a vase creates a warm, inviting porch.

Small Front Porch Ideas on a Budget

Swap out hardware

If you’re looking for a fun and simple project that can make all the difference, updating the hardware on your front door or light fixtures is an excellent option. Choose something that reflects your home’s style and gives it a modern touch!

We went from brass door handles to a lovely matte black, and it still makes me smile every time I come home and see it. Check your local Restore ( Habitat for Humanity) for door handles.

They frequently get donations from big box stores and mark their items reasonably cheap. Plus, you’ll feel good knowing the money goes right back into Habitat for Humanity, building homes for those who need a hand up, not a handout.

Small Front Porch Ideas on a Budget

Create seating

If you have space (luck you) on your small front porch, consider creating a seating area where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors. Look for affordable chairs or benches at a flea market or garage sale, then paint them in fun colors that coordinate with your decor.

I always envision having the best rocking chairs for an expensive look. I love the idea of using an older step ladder with a window planter for cheap porch decor.

Small Front Porch Ideas on a Budget

The first year we moved to our farmhouse, I saw the cutest set of metal chairs on the curb and had to bring them home.

I spray-painted them and reupholstered the fabric. They lasted me two years before the paint started chipping. Check out how we spray-painted our grill too!

Even though we have a small porch, it’s nice because it’s covered, and that helps when deciding how to decorate this outdoor space.

I was ready to move on from them anyways. The cost was less than $20 for two chairs.

If you don’t want to get new furniture but maybe you have a few chairs already out on the porch, add some cushions or a couple of outdoor pillows. This alone changes the texture and helps you save space.

Small Front Porch Ideas on a Budget
Like that chicken poop all over! LOL
front porch upgrades

Porch Swing

You can always add a porch swing! I would love to do this; depending on the size, it may be doable. There are many options today for smaller porch swings as well.

frugal ways to decorate home with rugs kitchen table

Use outdoor rugs

An outdoor rug is an affordable way to add texture and color to your front porch floor while protecting it from wear and tear. Look for rugs made from durable materials like polypropylene that can withstand exposure to sun and rain.

You can check out how I used an indoor outdoor rug in my kitchen here.

My favorite place to get outdoor rugs is BJ’s Wholesale Club. Any wholesale club will offer similar pricing to Sam’s or Costco. I use an indoor/outdoor rug in our dining room because of the mess and the dog hair.

We aren’t looking for a nice plush rug in that room anyways, so it’s a must-have when cleaning up spills from the kids.

Add a welcome mat if you can’t use a larger area rug like our front porch. It’s way too small and narrow. A doormat gives a welcoming touch.

Adding a doormat for each season makes a big difference, and they offer outdoor mats at Dollar Tree! For $1.25, you don’t have to feel bad about tossing it after a few months or throwing it in the garage or basement.

I find that as soon as Dollar Tree puts out decor for that season, the doormats come with it and go fast.

Check out MORE cheap patio decorating hacks HERE.

Small Front Porch Ideas on a Budget

Hang string lights/Change Lighting

String lights are an easy way to create ambiance on your front porch without spending a lot of money. Look for energy-efficient LED lights and use clips or hooks to hang them along the eaves or railing.

I was so excited to find these farmhouse-style lights to hang out the railings of our back deck.

You can also swap out the light fixture on your front porch. Adding different outdoor lights will give the porch an entirely fresh feeling.

Small Front Porch Ideas on a Budget

Incorporate seasonal decor

Finally, don’t forget about the seasonal decor! Whether it’s pumpkins in the fall or seasonal flowers in the spring, incorporating seasonal elements into your front porch decor is an easy way to keep things fresh throughout the year.

Always stroll around your neighborhood and see what is in season, and if you live out in the country bring in some of that nature.

In conclusion, upgrading your front porch doesn’t have to be expensive – with these tips, you can give it a new look without breaking the bank!

By cleaning up cluttered areas, adding simple decorations like potted plants or wreaths; painting doors; swapping out hardware; creating seating areas with affordable chairs/benches painted bright colors; using outdoor rugs; changing lights, incorporating seasonal décor – you will transform this space into something beautiful at minimal cost!


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