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How to Feed your Family for $33 at Tops this week

Oh that word. Meal Planning.

feed your family for less

I hope this post encourages you to take just a few minutes each week to think about the meals you are going to provide your family. When you do you can stay in any budget. And if you do not have a budget you need one… now.. here.

If you are not sure how much of your money should go towards groceries you will wind up stressed out living pay check to pay check or not having enough money for something coming up.

If you financial freedom you have to tell your money where it is going or else it will choose for you.

If you are new to this series you can check out past posts here.

I have other articles around this page that may be helpful in saving money on groceries.

Your grocery budget is the first place you can control the amount you spend each week. Whether you are a family of two, four, or ten. You have the control.

It doesn’t just take coupons, it takes patience and contentment and bit of creativity!

Let’s go!


This is for an average of 4 servings per meal.  These prices are valid at Tops 11/8-11/14- Look for a new post next week with current sale prices! Check out the Tops Coupon Matchups here.



2- Fresh Express Salad Kits- $1.99 ea.( grab one bag of spinach)

2- jar of Prego Pasta Sauce/Alfredo $1.49 ea.
2- Boxes of Ronzoni Pasta $0.88 ea.
2- Boxes of Post Cereal  $2 ea.( Fruity Peebles/Raisin Bran are cheapest)
3- cans of Tops Chicken Broth
3- cans of Bush’s Beans ( 1 must be black) $1 ea.
2- boxes of Tops Chicken Stuffing $1 ea.
1- Misson Corn Tortillas $1.67( $0.17 each after coupon!)

1- Tops Garlic Bread Fresh $1.99



3 Chobani Simply Greek Yogurts $1 ea.
2- Eggland’s Best dozen eggs $3 ea.

1- 4-5 lb. pack of Chicken Breasts $1.69/lb. ( If your budget allows this is a great price buy 2 and freeze the other!)- $7
1- 3 lb. pack of Italian Sausage Links $2.88/lb.- $8.64
1- Deli Thin Tops Ham meat $3.50



You will receive at least 200 gas points for the $ you spend before coupons and the coupons you used. There is a gas savings box with the beans, broth and chobani that scores you 100 extra points. Remember you earn 10 gas points for every coupon you use. 100 gas points=$3 savings on max. fill up.  That will give you $0.20/ gallon of gas which is a$6 savings.




That amount leaves you some room to add your fresh fruits and veggies to the list for snacks!  

7 Day Meal Plan and Grocery List at a Glance

( I would use the corn tortilla’s for wraps for lunch throughout the week!)

How to Feed your Family for $33 at Tops this week


  • Breakfast:Cereal
  • Dinner: Italian Sausage Spaghetti with Garlic Bread( only use one half. Freeze the other to use later in the week!)


  • Breakfast: Over Easy Eggs with fresh fruit
  • Dinner: Oven Baked Chicken Breasts with Chicken Stuffing Mix and add in a can of your mixed beans!

How to Feed your Family for $33 at Tops this week



  • Breakfast: Cereal
  • Dinner:  Sausage Soup with your other half of garlic bread ( Use half of your spinach in this recipe)




  • Breakfast:Cereal
  • Dinner:  Chicken Alfredo with whatever you have in your pantry to make a side! It’s a good practice to see what you have. Otherwise a bag of frozen veggies is my go to! They are a $1 at Tops this week!

And there you have it ! A simplified easy and affordable dinner for 7 nights!

What do you think?! 
I would love to hear your opinions/feedback! 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.