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Netflix of The Bible- Best New Christian Media App

Netflix of The Bible- Best New Christian Media App

When we first started a marriage bible study group about 7 years ago the couple leading the group at the time shared with us they won’t watch rated R movies. I went with the notion that is what works for them but it doesn’t have to be what works for us.

Through those seven years Rated R movies should be rated X.  I know not ALL rated R movies are as bad as I am saying, but let’s be real it’s getting worse.  To the point now I am saying if it’s rated R, we won’t bother watching.

I am fed up with seeing so many sexual acts from start to finish in movies, on T.V., new Netflix series and beyond. I was excited to watch the new T.V. series on Netflix called ” Friends From College” because there are some great actors in it and I love Fred Savage from “The Wonder Years”. Yet, I couldn’t wrap my head around marriage being just another thing that isn’t sacred. Cheating, lies, betrayal, drugs. It was all done in fun.

To give you an idea, there is a couple who is married and the husband constantly cheats on his wife, with a friend from college. This woman is also friends with the man’s wife. They continue to meet up because they’ve been sleeping with each other since college and although they are both married, they can’t stop.

I know this is a very real issue, but the show didn’t show remorse or consequences for the couple’s action.  It didn’t sit right with me to watch this couple cheating together. Sometimes shows like this can open a window of temptation you didn’t even know was there.

Marriage is hard enough and when you are on a budget and spend your at home date nights watching Netflix, you hope to watch something decent, right?!

My husband and I started watching “The Ozark” on Netflix. We stopped, it’s not filled with anything that should make you feel good. Again the sexual graphics are just not things I want to see, or I want my husband watching.

It’s no wonder men struggle with porn addiction. It’s way too easy to see it, access it.

So when our church shared with us this new Christian media app called RightNow Media I was ecstatic.

I started leading a Women’s Business group at our church this month and kept praying for God to help me with a subject or find a bible study for us to do.  I struggled with thinking if I was good enough to lead this. Praying something would come up to enable me to lead it.

This app was the answer. It has so many conferences to watch, marriage studies, and beyond. It isn’t just for leaders of an organization my kids have already watched several shows on it.

I love Netflix and Hulu for the commercial free shows, but where are all our shows with morals? Without seeing couples cheat and give the illusion that sex is just about one person and it’s amazing every time. 😉

If your church hasn’t heard of this awesome new Christian Media app share with your leaders about it.

It looks like right now the subscriptions are available to organizations such as churches, schools, colleges, ministries, business, etc. As the pricing is based on business size. This non- profit organization deserves some recognition so lets spread the word so this can become available to all churches.

rightnow christian media app

The app is so easy to use similar to Netflix you just sign in once and have access to all the programs.  When you watch a video it is saved to your profile.

You can read all about this new Christian Media app here. 

If you have been feeling like there is nothing worth watching on TV this new Christian Media app could be the game changer for you.


Share with me your thoughts? Have you heard of this? Are you fed up with the newest T.V shows and movies?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.