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6 Fun Tips to Sell Eggs From Your Home

Did you get the chicken itch? You know where you start out with just six chicks they grow and all of a sudden you have the urge to add variety to your flock? I know we’ve been there.

When we moved out to our farmhouse just over a year ago we got that chicken itch. We transferred our six hens from our city house in their coop all the way out here in the country.

We free ranged those little beauties in the city and I was the crazy chicken lady making sure they didn’t cross the street to Walmart.

Out here with acreage, we got carried away and came home with over 20 chicks.

Today we have around 27 chickens with more on the way! (One of our hens is sitting on eggs for the first time!)

Tip: Wondering when your hen is going to lay an egg? Read this. 

We had an old barn that was used for poultry years ago that fell down a few months after we moved in. We love old barn wood and the look of it so my husband made a farm stand out of it. I knew that I could grow more vegetables in the garden to sell along with our eggs.

farm stand times

BUT we all know how first times go, and when it comes to country living first times, you always hope others can avoid your mistakes.


Here is what we learned after starting our farm stand. We’ve had it up for about a year and a half now and have multiple people stopping daily. Just in the past couple of weeks, I have been turning people down because I don’t have enough hens…hmmm… how to solve this problem?! 😉


First things first, look at your family size and how many eggs you will eat. On average a family should be good with two to three hens. Remember that hens lay one egg a day and possibly around year two will slow down to every other.


Figure out how many your family will use in a week on average. Then figure out how many extra eggs you will have or need to sell.   Will you sell a dozen a day? Two dozen?

Grab my Digital Chicken Planner here to keep your flock healthy and organized.


Where and what will you sell your eggs? I have seen several people have a large sign with just the eggs in a cooler at the side of the road. Others go for farm stands. Consider cost and materials if you fall in love with the Pinterest farm stands because if you sell eggs, you may not need such a large stand.

You can always sell other goods at your stand like flowers, veggies, fruits and more too.


This was a mistake we made in our first year. I didn’t have a large enough sign. Just a few months ago, I scored some nice big stick-on letters at Micheals that I am now using.

I added some flowers to draw more attention. Since I put that sign-up, that is how we have been having more people stop every day. They notice the farm stand but it doesn’t draw attention like a simple sign.

6 Fun Tips to Sell Eggs From Your Home

We used this black chalkboard paint on the sides of the farm stand so I could write eggs. That’s all I had in the beginning, and it still worked. I like the look of it.

It hasn’t held up so well on the weather side, but I have plenty of paint to touch it up every spring.  I should have reviewed the lettering before this picture, but you know how it is.

We did have a large dry erase board that I thought was okay. When I put up the sign below with just eggs it seemed to attract more buyers.

6 Fun Tips to Sell Eggs From Your Home

My husband also put up two of these white Eggs sign. Our driveway works great for buyers to pull up on either side. There is also enough room in front for someone to pull up right next to the stand leaving room for other cars to pass by.


You have to drive around your area and find another community member selling eggs. Price them the same or lower. Don’t go higher. Yes, there is a market of people wanting fresh eggs from chickens who are pastured raised, but if everyone around you is selling their eggs for $2.50 that means you do too.

6 Fun Tips to Sell Eggs From Your Home

When I first started selling our eggs we put them at $2 a dozen. People in our area sell them for $2 some $3 when you get closer to the city.

One person down the road from us started selling eggs at $2.50. A month later, they dropped the price to $2. Know your market.


This isn’t one of those side hustles that will make you rich or even pay for your Christmas shopping like the grocery apps I love BUT it can pay for the feed of your chickens.  

We now have it pay for the feed and have just enough “fun money” to take to the arcade games for the kiddos. For more tips on how to make money from your homestead, check out these tips!

6 Fun Tips to Sell Eggs From Your Home

I truly enjoy having chickens running all over my yard. I absolutely love fresh eggs. I had no problem giving away eggs in the beginning while we built up our customer base. I just wanted to share the goodness with others. It’s still why our egg prices are lower.

You could add fresh flowers and vegetables to bring in an extra income for sure. Eggs alone is a different story.

Check out these Cute egg stamps for your eggs

You also need to consider what you are going to collect your cash in. I bought a snack pack mix at Aldi that was in a mini keg.

t was a  cute gift for my husband and now collects our farm stand cash. It’s not locked. You have to really twist to open it. We cut a slit in the top for the money. We used an old marker board to write product and prices on.

One day I plan to really spruce up the stand, but for now, it’s serving its purpose- to sell eggs to pay for chicken feed. 

Yes, last year we had people steal. I even witness someone pretending to put money in it and then take the money out. We talked about getting a camera, a lock box, but we are frugal and the cost of those items for the $2-$4 that may be in there at a time wasn’t worth the cost.

My husband and I discussed if someone is stealing the eggs they may just really need them. I did write a note last year basically saying we are watching you. This year we haven’t had any issues.

It would be best to start with a lockbox, that way, you don’t have to worry about losing any of your money. You hope that people don’t steal, but through the years, I’ve learned there will always be someone trying to take advantage.


It will take time for people to notice your stand if you are not on a busy road. For a country road, we still get a decent amount of traffic. It takes time. Especially in our situation we were new in town.

No one knew us, but now they are coming around.  Be patient with it. There were days we didn’t get anyone, and I felt sad bringing my little dozens of eggs back in at night.  

When that happened I reached out to friends at church to purchase and all was well.

You can always go on a baking kick and freeze your treats that use a lot of eggs. Lemon bars are my favorite or banana bread to use up some eggs!

If you are new to starting with chickens you need this amazing backyard chicken planner!

backyard chicken planner

You can find MORE ideas for using up your eggs and homesteading here. 

What Tips Do You Have for Selling Eggs From Your Home?


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