The 7 Step Secret to Saving Money at Target

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If you live out in the middle of nowhere and a Target store is within 15 minutes from you, life is pretty.  If you have a Home Depot across from your Target store, then date night just got even better! 

Target is a top store I love to shop at living in a smaller area right after my top favorite wholesale club, BJs. 

I know I’m not the only woman, especially moms who want a night out alone and find myself at Target.

Target already has us in the door just because it’s Target. I started working at the store as a manager in Starbucks when it first opened in our local town in 2008. Crazy huh?! I really did love it.

I’m a deal shopper and Target makes using coupons easy. They also don’t make you feel like a cheapskate because you use the app all the time. 



How many of us walk into the store and buy things on sale and think well, it’s Target all the prices are good? Some of us think who cares about the price I just love the shopping experience.

This is where you are making a huge mistake when shopping at Target. You could be saving $100’s a MONTH. Yes, a month by taking action on following my seven steps below.


Here we go are you ready?  Grab your coffee and a snack because you need to take the time to absorb this info and then you’ll be on your way to savings.


The 7 Step Secret to Saving Money at Target


TARGET CARTWHEEL- What is it and Why Use it

The first thing you need is the Target  App.  Cartwheel used to be an app on it’s own now it is tucked inside the Target app. 

This is a Target Only App. You can’t use it at any other store. 

What the Target app does with the Cartwheel savings is offer coupons inside the app. You need to hit Cartwheel offers and always look for items you need. If you find savings offer you tap the offer.

When you go to checkout you will need to open your app again and hit the wallet section to show the cashier the barcode. The cashier scans the barcode right on your phone and the savings are applied to your total. 

You don’t have to have a smartphone to use it. If you need to you can create a account and print out the Cartwheel barcode. 



Just recently Cartwheel offers can now be used for online shopping, the catch is you need to choose to pick up at your local store. If you have the item shipped to your house, you can’t apply the Cartwheel discount.

This is very handy when Target does their Cartwheel toy of the day deals near Christmas. If you can’t make it that day but you want the discount just add it to your cart online and pick it up in store. 

You can also add coupons to your account and scan the barcode from a tablet, phone or printed bar code from your computer.





  • First, you will create an account.
  • When you open the app you will see your dashboard. This is a glimpse of all the things you can access.
  • Add offers. Go to All offers at the top and browse for deals.
  • Browse by Categories, Name, or my favorite Discount. I search for the discount because the 50% off or higher comes up first. If something is 50% 0ff that’s huge then I check for coupons,

    and decide if I need it or not.

  • Once you have offers selected you can close the app and head to Target.
  • Purchase selected items.
  • At checkout open your app and go to the My Wallet. This will show the barcode on your phone.
  • If you are using a computer go to my cartwheel and the screen will show up with the option to print barcode in the upper right-hand corner. You only need to print this once. Your offers will be updated to that barcode. So laminate that bad boy.
  • Then the cashier scans your barcode and the savings instantly come off.




Next hand over any manufacturer coupons you may have. These are coupons you find in the newspaper inserts, online, from blinkie machines in store, from samples etc. Target Cartwheel now offers manufacturer coupons in the app. 





Target frequently has mobile coupons. Where you text Target (827438) and enter whatever available code for the current mobile coupons. 

You will get a text back with a barcode you will need to have the cashier scan at checkout. These offers can be combined with Cartwheel coupons AND manufacturer coupons. 

UPDATE: Target now has added their coupons right in the app for your convenience. 

Once you have the Cartwheel app open, tap on Checkout at the bottom of your screen to bring up your cartwheel barcode.

 After it’s open look at the bottom of the screen for a bright red Coupons tab and tap on it. Any available mobile coupons will automatically be on this tab. You can swipe side to side to see all the coupons and the bar code for each.




Then download (if you haven’t) the Ibotta App. This is my FAVORITE app after Cartwheel. Why?! Because the savings update each week, I can save on produce and milk, and they stack with all the other coupons!

If you do not have Ibotta– you need to join with this link and receive a $10 WELCOME bonus just for signing up. The $10 will appear in your account after you redeem your first offer.

I won’t go into detail on Ibotta because I have already done a whole post on that here if you want to see how to work that one step by step. Which you do because the savings are real. In fact, I have $104 just from the last 4 months!

After you check Ibotta for additional savings you are going to want to check Checkout 51. This one is updated weekly and can be used from any store. It works like Ibotta- except there is no barcode to scan. Just your receipt showing proof of purchase.

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Take the survey at the bottom of your receipt for a chance to win $1,500. Did you know these surveys are crucial for the store? The store gets scored on these greatly and each department’s performance on these weighs so much on everything – like raises!

I didn’t like that part at Target but it’s their system and now that I know that- I want to help those working there and who knows I may just win $1,500 which would make the time completely worth it!

There you have it. These savings will help you to save $100’s a month at Target.

If you are a Target brand shopper know that Up and Up items are on Cartwheel for almost every item. It is usually always 5% but when you stack that with a Target Redcard you end up saving 10% and you didn’t even have to clip a coupon. It cost ya nothing!





Clearance and I go way back. We fell in love years ago. Target is awesome with how much clearance you can find. They offer discounts up to 90% off original price! You can use cartwheel offers and coupons on these clearance items. It truly is an amazing way to save. Many clearance items are found on the back endcaps of the aisle.

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I left this one for last because you may have gotten through all the tips above and thought- who has time to figure out the best deal at Target?! You don’t have to do any math calculating or looking through the ads.

There are two blogs I like for target deals and They each have a different feel but offer weekly coupon deals so check those out and start savings! Coupon Matchups are sale prices paired with all of the ways to save above!

See you can do this! 


PLUS I want to add in how awesome the Target Redcard Debit card is( they do have a credit card one). You save 5% off your total every time you shop there and use it. On all sale items and when you use your coupons! WHOO HOO! Sign up for yours here.


What tips do you have for saving more at Target?




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