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Stock up on Groceries at Wegmans This Week

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I shared this article about Wegmans lowering prices temporary in our Facebook couponing group. When I am in a meal planning rut or just feeling like I need to change up my routine, in winter I shop at a new store.

I love Wegmans but we usually stop in for a special family night to get sushi, seasame chicken or pizza deal.

I tend to stick to shopping at BJs and Tops lately for groceries.

I knew I had to take up Wegmans on their offer. The good thing about constantly watching prices is knowing when I am getting the best deal.

I will tell you if you are not feeling couponing, grab these items at Wegmans while supplies last and prices are low. These deals end March 2nd!

I didn’t use a single coupon! For Tops shoppers this week they have ground beef for $1.099 /lb as well, but you do have to clip the coupon out of the flyer.

The picture above cost my $22.99 and I didn’t have to use a single coupon. You do need a Wegmans shopper club card to get the following deals.

Here’s What Wegmans Currently has on sale cheaper than normal.

Wegmans 5# White Potatoes $1.50 limit 2 with Shoppers Club card
Wegmans 2# Yellow Onions $0.99
Iceberg lettuce (ea.) $0.79 
Wegmans Salad Blends 5- 10 oz. $1.50
Red Seedless Grapes (per lb.) *$1.99

Wegmans Family Pack Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (per lb.) $1.69 with Shoppers Club card
Wegmans Family Pack 80% Ground Beef (per lb.) *$1.99

Wegmans Frozen Vegetables 12-16 oz. $0.79 limit 8 with Shoppers Club card

Wegmans Giant Bread 22 oz $0.79 limit 4 with Shoppers Club card

Wegmans Large Dozen Eggs *$0.99 limit 6 with Shoppers Club card
Wegmans Family Pack Large Eggs (3 dozen) *$2.97 limit 2 with Shoppers Clubc card
Wegmans Blended Yogurt 6 oz3/$.99with Shoppers Club card

Wegmans Pasta Sauce 24 oz (select varieties) $0.79 limit 8 with Shoppers Club card
Wegmans Pasta 12-16 oz (select varieties) $0.59 limit 8 with Shoppers Club card
Wegmans Ready to Serve Soup 18.6-19 oz $0.99 limit 8 with Shoppers Club card
Wegmans Condensed Soup 10.50-10.75 oz (Chicken Noodle & Tomato only) 3/$.99 limit 9 with Shoppers Club card

* For competitive reasons, individual stores were already at or below this price

Do you shop Wegmans? Are you going to take advantage of this awesome sale?

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