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3 Ways to Show Kids Love When Stuck at Home

Friends, I know the feeling. When you stay home to be with your sweet babes, the time seems to be in a whole different cycle. The days are long. When they turn 9, the clock speeds up.

If we could only find the time clock that is right in the middle.

When the kids have an unexpected day home from school, there are few things we shouldn’t do. And of course there are plenty of things we can, and perhaps should do.

Lately with almost all our schools in the US being shut down, we think, all that time with the kids? Many of us have no idea when they are going back, or if at all this school year.

We can stop right there and see the blessing in being a stay at home mom. No stress of childcare.

3 Ways to Show Kids Love When Stuck at Home

While my mind is going through different scenarios, I found myself thinking about this rare time I could have with my family.

When my girls were little I couldn’t wait for the day they started school. Just to get that break, I was desperate. Now with both girls being in school for 2 years I’ve found the balance.

BUT it doesn’t mean time goes slower, it only speeds up. When I have the extra time with the girls, I know I can waste it.

And many of us may not even realize it was a waste until years later.

Let’s stop take a minute to really think about this precious time with have with our kiddos right now.

Three things you don’t want to do.

Depend on Your Phone

Constantly looking at your phone. Gosh I’ve been so good with avoiding social media apps on my phone until recently. I discovered TikTok and I’m obsessed.

I was bored with Facebook and disgusted with Instagram. I use social media for my blogs of course but its not something I enjoy for me.

Until Tiktok. And with Tiktok I have Instagram and Facebook apps so I can share the videos to those platforms. This should save me time. But instead I’m sucked in. I mean look at this video I did to help vent my frustration of trying to work from home with my girls.


if that office door opens one more time. ##momson ##over30 ##wahm ##nowork ##helpmeout ##wishmeluck ##momlife ##workfromhome ##momswho ##momsover30 ##momsblike

♬ Party Up (Up in Here) – Re-Recorded – DMX

Hearing all the notification or wondering what’s going on. Like I’ve never wondered before.

And I start to feel like I need my phone with me. So be warned about Tiktok folks.

We don’t want these feelings, when we are given the opportunity to be with our children. It doesn’t mean you have to play barbies or Legos or whatever they love, it means we need to be present.

Not Smile

Sometimes I need to remind myself to smile when my kids talk. The truth is as the mom who is working at home, taking care of the animals, the house and everything else, I forget to stop and smile. I’m usually focused on what I need to get done next.

It is rare for me to be still. A few years ago I knew God was whispering be still to me. And it took me awhile to understand what it meant. Even now, I know when I’m getting to a place, where stillness is far away.

Smiling when your kids talk, instead of wishing they would get to the point, will make a difference. It doesn’t have to be EVERY time, but every time we can remember let’s try.

Not Let Them Feel Like a Burden

When kids are home from school unexpectedly, they have no idea what’s to come. As many of us do. If we are required to help them with their school work, it’s going to be frustrating on all levels.

Most of us didn’t go to school to be teachers. As a parent you need to wear all hats, and many of those hats we have no idea how to wear.

There are all these expectations all of a sudden. But let those expectations go.

If you can’t get to the school work at the same time every day let it go. If you are struggling to help all the kids at one time, stager it out. We aren’t supposed to be perfect at a brand new way of life. So let’s be kind to ourselves and our kids as we adjust.

It’s a great time to be thankful for technology. Depending on your personality there are plenty of resources online. We can find homeschooling blogs, free educational resources, virtual zoo tours and more to keep our kids entertained and creative.

I’ve shared 25 products to choose from to keep your kids busy and creative here.

I’m not an expert at this, and many of you aren’t either. But that is okay. The thing we do know how to do is love our kiddos. We love them with all our hearts and want the best for them. So let go the things that are stressing you out. Hold those kiddos close and take a minute to recenter.

Find a plan that will work and adjust it accordingly day to day.

Because that is how we are sort of living right now. In a day to day mindset.

Here are five things that are helping me change my attitude and be more grateful.

  • Waking up BEFORE the kids. This is not easy but it’s always better when I can wake up without have to go into straight demand mode.
  • Reading a morning bible devotion and really thanking God for this day. Also changing my attitude to what ever HIS plan is for me I would obey.
  • Going for a walk daily without my phone.
  • Being silly with my kids. It doesn’t come easy at first because I’m very work oriented, but seeing their smiles when I do reminds me this is what they need right now.
  • Being flexible with my work from home schedule. Trusting in God to provide. And being open to any opportunity to squeeze in work. Which may mean not sticking to our regular routine.

No matter what you are feeling right now. Trust in God and his plan and impact you are having on your children, family, neighbors and friends.

Share your tips that are keeping you sane during this crazy time in our world?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.